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At the end of the day, Amiens SC qualified!

In the hard from some games in championship, Amiens SC was competing for the seventh round of the Coupe de France. Against Chambly, Amiens struggled for a long time, after being led in the first period. It took a penalty shootout to decide between the two teams and see the ASC qualify for matchday eight.

Time passed, Amiens reacted

Neither team manages to create an opportunity early in the game. It is the people of Amiens by Matthéo Xantippe who believe in him, but his center does nothing (3 ′). Subsequently, Chambly went ahead on the counter on several occasions, without any real danger. ASC gets its first corner of the game, which does not give anything (9 ‘). On both sides, the ball changes sides. Sometimes for FC Chambly with Masevo, sometimes for Amiens with Chibozo. However, everything is based on a Cambresian counter, where a player passes through the defense of Amiens. Behind, the FCCO right-back, Melvyn Doremus, seeds the defenders and pushes the ball deep (1-0, 15’).

From that precise moment, Chambly chained the best moments, in particular a beat by Issiaka Karamoko (18′). Philippe Hinschberger’s men can’t find solutions with the ball at their feet, as this cross by Jessy Benet shows, harmless to Simon Pontdemé (20′). Amiens SC’s first shot on goal came in the 25th minute from Ange Chibozo, who was somewhat timid. Minutes later, another will follow with Mathis Lachuer, well stopped by Simon Pontdemé (32′). Determined, Amiens equalized at the best of times, just before the break. After a failed corner, Jessy Benet sees the ball return to his feet. He crosses, he finds Mamadou Fofana at the far post, who rises into the air and crosses an unstoppable header (1-1, 43 ′). After a difficult start, Amiens calms down before returning to the locker room.

Penalties proved the ASC right

After the break, Amiens’ intentions are better, especially offensively. This is felt from the start with Owen Gene crossing, not finding anyone, but seeing Mathis Lachuer return the ball. The latter tries a covered shot (49 ‘). Amiens SC is in a prominent spot, literally laying siege to the Chambly acreage. For many minutes, Amiens had chances, not least with a dynamic Papiss Cissé coming on at half-time. If Amiens plays better, watch out for quick counter-attacks from Camblysiens.

Owen Gene nearly gave the ASC the lead, rightly served by Cissé. The midfielder shot from close range, but saw Simon Pontdemé make a very good save on his line (64′). Little by little, Chambly regained momentum and scored chances, via Mamadou Diallo in a header that missed (72′). Before the penalty session, the Isarians thought they made a difference, to no avail. With a crowd won over to their cause, FC Chambly embarked on these shots on goal against Amiens. However, Camblysiens’ second missed shot by Issiaka Karamoko gives Amiens the lead. With an impeccable performance, Philippe Hinschberger’s men win their qualification, five shots to three. In a tricky match, Amiens SC knew how to maintain their lucidity until the end to come out of it with flying colors and thus continue their adventure in the Coupe de France.


Chambly – Amiens SC: 1-1 (3-5 TAB) (1-1)

Seventh round of the Coupe de France

Marais Stadium, Chambly, 1,273 spectators

Referee: Brendan Roffet

Goals: Doremus (15′) for Chambly; Fofana (43′) for Amiens SC

Warnings: Xantippe (41′) and Barry (81′) for Amiens SC

Chambly : Pontdemé – Doremus, Diako, Ba (c.), Cherni – Valeri, Baptista (Dauchy, 82′) – Khalid (Yenoussi, 61′) – Karamoko, Payet (Diallo, 61′), Masevo (Inzoudine, 82′)

substitutes (choose from) : Mouaha (left), Teqja, Dauchy, Inzoudine, Yenoussi, Doucouré, Diallo

Coach: Fabien Valeri

Amiens SC : Charruau – Assogba, Barry, Fofana (c.) – Gene, Gomis, Lachuer (Doums, 67′), Benet (Gélin, 67′), Xantippe (Ring, 75′) – Chibozo (Cissé, 45′), Bandé (Tolu, 45′)

Replacements: Rongier (left), Cissé, Ring, Doums, Gélin, Tolu, Degrumelle

Coach: Philippe Hinschberger

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