LIVE - Europa League: cruel for Nantes, led by Freiburg at half-time

LIVE – Europa League: cruel for Nantes, led by Freiburg at half-time

Flekken master in the air

Corner taken from the left by Simon against the Loire Brigade. His center is too deep and Flekken takes advantage of it without too much concern, because there is no pressure from Nantes in the aftermath.

Nantes must be proactive

Long free kick played to the far post by the Germans. The Nantes defense is well placed and then pushes the opposing center. But the canaries will have to make sure they hold the ball more in this second act if they want to stop suffering.

Here we go again at La Beaujoire! (0-1)

No changes to highlight at the break, we leave with the same.

Nantes won at the break! (0-1)

Pushed by a huge crowd but cursed at Beaujoire, FC Nantes returned to the locker room led by a goal despite two broken posts. Moussa Sissoko (12th) and then Sébastien Corchia (20th) came close to rewarding the Canaries with their good first 25 minutes, but were finally punished by Lukas Kübler’s missile (0-1, 25th). Nantes then suffered from the German waves, which could have been fatal without a decisive Alban Lafont (44th).

Extra time

An additional minute is announced by the fourth official.

Lafont wins his duel!! (0-1)

The goalkeeper saves his team just before the break! Thrown to the edge of offside, Doan appears alone against Lafont and hits the ground from the left. The latter wins his duel by pushing back with one leg!!

Doan can’t find the frame

In another Freiburg attack, a cross to the ground reaches Doan calmly, who takes advantage from 20 meters. His flat foot placed finishes off a meter from Lafont’s post.

Nantes ends painfully

The Nantes bloc is increasingly unbalanced, and the Canary Islands suffer from the German waves. Good cross to the far post and Pedersen is deflected in extremis by Merlin, the attacker had set up the volley right behind him.

german diving head

Free kick awarded by Pallois on the right near the touchline. Grifo crosses hard to the near post, where a teammate comes forward with a diving header, to the side.


This is the second match between Freiburg and a French club, after the first leg. Nantes have not registered any victory in five duels against German formations.

good job guess

Guessand makes a small festibval ​​to the right in front of Grifo who he eliminates with a good hook. Nantes returns to Mohamed, but he returns the ball. Try your luck with a sharp at a totally blocked angle, the ball ends up in the small net.

La Beaujoire still believes in it

This goal put a blow to the head of Nantes, who will not have managed to achieve a good first 25 minutes and are surprised by the German royalists. La Beaujoire continues to grow.


Terrible scenario for the people of Nantes, who do not materialize and are sanctioned in the process!! Lafont is at fault in this cross from Günter pushed back with the full shaft with both hands. Simon doesn’t follow the rise of Kübler, who fires an unstoppable right hand missile from the entrance to the surface!!

Freiburg shaken by the people of Nantes

Nantes’ ambitions in this match are not rewarded at the moment. Kombouaré on his bench is disappointed by this bad luck, but the two amounts affected show that there is room.

Corchia destroys the pole!! (0-0)

The people of Nantes are cursed! Simón recovers a good second ball and punctures the axis. He Displaces Corchia, who doesn’t ask questions and sets up a floating shot from the right that hits Flekken’s post!

Blas cut pulling

The canaries return to the attack and quickly reach the edge of the German surface. Blas takes the chance on him in the middle and sends a smashed shot over Flekken. He is well cut to the pass, but the referee does not flinch.

Freiburg threatens

Hot situation in the Nantes area, coming from Grifo’s right. With love from the center, the latter is very close to finding Pedersen’s head at the far post. But the attacker is correctly unbalanced by Pallois.

Sissoko breaks the bar!! (0-0)

Right corner taken by Merlin towards the near post. Sissoko physically resists his defense and manages to land a great header at point-blank range, which hits Flekken’s crossbar!!

Canary Islands pushed by their public

La Beaujoire continues to push hard behind his players and plays his part perfectly to bring extra soul to a team that really needs it. The start of the Nantes match is voluntary, although still too technically limited.

Griffin tries from afar

Grifo benefits from a favorable counterattack against Sissoko at 30 meters. One of the two scorers of the first leg takes advantage of the opportunity from a distance, curled up on the ground, Lafont catches him with a shot.

Nantes had been offered a super cartridge

A huge mistake by Flekken, who plays it very calmly at full axis, allows Blas to deflect the clearance. Guessand prefers to play on the left over Simon, he was not the right choice.

The Nantes system becomes clearer

Moussa Sissoko starts in the middle in a 4-2-3-1 system, with Mohamed holding the point. Guessand is on the right side, Blas leading. Please note that Ignatius Ganago is a last minute package.

Lienhart right above the bar!! (0-0)

The Freiburg players are already installed in the Nantes area, and Girotto concedes a somewhat stupid first corner. Played from the left by Grifo, the ball is returned to the near post with a header from Lienhart, his attempt grazing the crossbar!

Let’s go to Beaujoire! (0-0)

It was Nantes, in yellow, who opened this game on matchday 4 of the Europa League!

Kick-off is imminent!

The players are on the pitch of a Beaujoire des grands soir, accompanied by the referee of the match, the Romanian Horatiu Fesnic. The anthem of the competition resounds before a superb European typhus!

Two diametrically opposed dynamics

19th in Ligue 1 after ten games, Nantes are also struggling at home, following up with a scathing 3-0 loss to Rennes. Bundesliga sensation Freiburg is second after nine days, two points behind leaders Union Berlin. The club in which the French defender Kiliann Sildillia (trained in Metz) evolves is currently around and seems far superior to the Nantes.

The people of Nantes with their backs to the wall

Logically beaten 2-0 on the last matchday on the pitch of Freiburg, the toughest rival in this group G and which has three wins in three games, Nantes is in full doubt. Antoine Kombouaré’s men, third before this already decisive round, are almost forced to win to continue aspiring to their place in the sixteenth. They have 2 losses for a win so far.

Good morning to all !

And welcome to our site to follow the live commentary on the match between Freiburg (1st, 9 points) and Nantes (3rd, 3 points), counting in Group G for the 4th day of the group stage of the Europe League. Start scheduled for 6:45 pm!

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