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LIVE – Fuels: TotalEnergies announces an exceptional bonus for all its employees

Philippe Martinez will propose a new strike day next week

The leader of the CGT affirms on BFMTV/RMC that the decision to call for an interprofessional strike will be made during the day.

“We are going to propose a new strike call in all public companies,” Philippe Martínez said this morning.

This day of strike and demonstrations could take place on Tuesday, October 18, the day of mobilization of professional secondary schools.

“You’re doing stupid”: Philippe Martinez lamented Matignon’s requisitions

The general secretary of the CGT believes that the use of requisitions of employees on strike has “set fire to gunpowder”: “The fact that the government is conducting requisitions of employees at Esso-ExxonMobil has not helped calm the social climate” .

“When Madame Borne and her cabinet told me that they were going to requisition employees, I told them: ‘You’re doing something stupid.’

In response to TotalEnergies announcement, Philippe Martinez calls for a real deal

The general secretary of the CGT is the guest of Face to Face of BFMTV and RMC this Thursday morning. He reacted to TotalEnergies’ announcement of the allocation of an exceptional bonus representing one month’s salary to all its employees worldwide. For Philippe Martinez, this announcement does not respond to the demands of the unions:

“Since this conflict began on September 27 at Total, employees have been asking for general salary increases. A deal is not an announcement by the CEO on the radio or on television. We discuss and find a solution.

Fuels: towards specific aid for motorists?

Bruno Le Maire affirms that the Government “will not extend the reduction” on the price of fuel beyond the initial date, at the end of 2022.

The Economy Minister thus returns to his idea of ​​aid aimed at households, on RTL this morning.

This is a check paid “based on income” for those who are required to use their car to get to work.

Bruno Le Maire does not specify the ceiling that could be established.

Agnès Pannier-Runacher on RMC: “Total must raise wages”

Agnès Pannier-Runacher, Minister for Energy Transition, was a guest this morning at RMC:

“Total must raise wages. It is time to implement their promise. (…) I am asking for wage increases because we need them. Inflation means that employees must raise today. Total must implement these increases, they have the means.”

TotalEnergies will grant an exceptional bonus of one month’s salary to all its employees

Minutes after Bruno Le Maire called on TotalEnergies to grant a salary increase, the oil group announced the allocation of an exceptional bonus equivalent to one month’s salary for all its employees worldwide.

Bruno Le Maire asks the CGT to “clarify its position”: “The blockade of the entire country is unacceptable”

The Minister of Economy and Finance addresses directly to the CGT, the second union of the TotalEnergies group.

“What does the CGT want? Salary negotiations? It is acceptable. The blockade of the entire country? It is perfectly unacceptable,” Bruno Le Maire declared on RTL.

He asks the trade union center to “clarify its position” and again asks the interested parties to sit around the table. And brandishes the threat of requisitions at Total sites.

“The requisitions are long but it will be done”; he announces.

Fuels: renewed strike at TotalEnergies at the 5 production sites

The strike movement is renewed in all the sites of the TotalEnergies group. These are four refineries: Gonfreville-l’Orcher (Seine-Maritime), Donges (Loire-Atlantique), Feyzin (Rhône), La Mède (Bouches-du-Rhône) and a deposit.

The strike was voted “by a very large majority” this Thursday morning, indicates the CGT, the day after the failure of the talks with the management.

For Bruno Le Maire, “it is clear that Total has the capacity to increase wages”

The Minister of Economy and Finance was the guest of the RTL morning during which he reaffirmed his current priority: “I hope that Total finds a salary agreement.” Bercy’s boss considers that the oil giant has the means to apply a wage increase: “All companies that can should increase wages. It is obvious that Total has the ability to increase wages and the means to increase profit sharing in proportions that they will negotiate”.

More information here.

TotalEnergies strikers refuse to resume fuel supply

TotalEnergies strikers categorically rejected management’s request to resume fuel deliveries this morning at 5:00 am
A prerequisite for the opening of all salary negotiations for the time being.

At the end of the meeting in La Défense at the group’s headquarters, the secretary of the CGT of the TotalEnergies Europe committee took the floor.

“We consulted the strikers and it is a massive categorical refusal, the employees do not want that requirement to negotiate.”

The dialogue continues to be blocked after a first step by the management towards the strikers, because hours before the management had accepted for the first time to receive the CGT, the group’s second union.

FO joins the movement: “Requisitions are not accepted” according to the general secretary

Franceinfo morning guest, Frédéric Souillot spoke about the mobilization of the Force Ouvrière (FO) to the strike movement in French refineries. “The unions decide when they want to go or not and the requisitions are not acceptable,” he justified, arguing that the refineries are not linked to a mission of general interest and public service.

The general secretary of the organization also intends to act in the face of these requisitions: “First of all, we put on the starting grid a law firm that is used to it. Like the CGT, we are going to go to an urgent trial.” per hour to put an end to these requisitions.

Saying that he was open to negotiations, Frédéric Souillot also deplored the delay in TotalEnergies’ management in agreeing to discuss.

Fuel: TotalEnergies strikers refuse to lift blockades

At the end of a new meeting at the TotalEnergies headquarters in La Défense, the strikers firmly rejected a proposal to release deliveries on Thursday morning, as a condition for opening after wage negotiations.

“It is a massive categorical refusal, they (employees) do not want to negotiate this requirement,” Thierry Defresne, CGT secretary of the TotalEnergies Europe committee, told AFP.

TotalEnergies, for its part, confirmed “the negative outcome of the night’s discussions.”

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