Top 10 Tips for Finding Gas Despite Scarcity |  mole

Top 10 Tips for Finding Gas Despite Scarcity | mole

In early October 2022, TotalEnergies refineries went on strike. Result: a first wave of fuel shortages settled in several French service stations. As always, at the onset of a shortage, the Frenchman panics and pounces (a little selfishly) on the endangered Holy Grail. It stores, as it stored dozens of packages of PQ rolls during confinement, and only feeds the phenomenon. we’re on it Nearly one in three stations now shows shortages of at least one fuel. Therefore, the different road users rush to the stations, even if it means queuing for hours (cc the most beautiful queues in Paris), crossing their fingers so that, when their turn comes, there is still a little fuel left to water your vehicle. . Hard hard. To stick together in this brief lean period, here are some tips for finding gas near you. Present.

1. Check the interactive government map…

An interactive map, free and regularly updated, at When the site does not fail because it is overloaded (ups), it indicates the points of sale according to criteria to be defined (type of fuel, municipalities, etc.).

2. … that of…

This is a collective map, updated directly from the data provided by users. Like the previous one, it allows you to target your searches by city or region. Some websites, such as Le Parisien, use the data available on this site to keep their information up to date.

3. … or Total Energy

For stations in the TotalEnergies network, the group publishes a map showing all of its sites around the world, also showing fuel prices and availability. The map is updated periodically and the date of the latest information updates for each station is communicated.

4. Use GPS apps…

Waze, for example, allows you to select your preferred fuel type to find a suitable station. Like the map, Waze is based on the collaborative aspect: the different users update the information in real time.

5. … or Gasoil Now, Gasoline & Co and Gaspal

Available on both iPhone and Android, these different apps also allow you to go to the right stations. Gasoil Now and Essence & Co find points of sale and compare prices at the pump, for all fuels at the referenced stations. They are based in particular on the official government map and user reports, such as Waze. Gaspal only works with reports from individuals.

6. Check the sites of local newspapers

Toulouse news for the pink city and its surroundings, Oise Hebdo for the Oise department, or even Le Télégramme in Brittany: the various sites and local newspapers list the stations that work or not in the areas they cover. Don’t hesitate to check out your local media!

7. Siphon tanks

Preferably that of your neighbor, who systematically steals your reserved space in the parking lot of your residence. As we say among the young: CHEH! (That’s wrong, don’t do that. You run the risk of not knowing how to do it and drinking the cup. A shot of Diesel, it disinfects, but it’s not the best in terms of health!)

8. Dig at the bottom of your garden

Deeply. very deep Until reaching the earth’s crust, approximately.

9. …Or go straight to the source

But this is not the most ecological or economical solution. Investing in an electric bike will surely be more profitable. You decide… I distribute the solutions, you select the ones that most resonate in your heart of hearts.

10. Go live in the depths of the Creuse

In this magical, mystical and mysterious land where people always travel on the back of a donkey. What a blessing in these times of energy crisis!

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