Nobody Harit

Nobody Harit

Starting for the first time in the season in the Champions League, Amine Harit endorsed the role of engine in the wide victory of OM this Tuesday against Sporting. A comeback in the best of cases for a team that desperately needed the profile of the Moroccan to exist in the Champions League.

Amine Harit is part of this caste of players who are built on trust. One of those who, if they have the legs, the desire and the support of their coach, are capable of turning a game around, and even fundamentally changing the face of a team. This Tuesday night, in a sadly empty Vélodrome, the Moroccan brought all these elements together and allowed Igor Tudor not to draw a definitive cross on a future in the Champions League. Because after fifty seconds of play, when Trincão played Balerdi and Veretout, too weak, and cheated on Pau López, it was not impossible to think that the OM evening was going to turn into a nightmare and that the adventure in C1 was already good for throw away. Fortunately, the Foceans reacted quickly and were able to count on their leader, who carried an entire group on his shoulders and undoubtedly delivered his most successful match under the Marseille tunic.

In all the right moves

Already the author of a very big entry in Angers last Friday, the former Nantes player confirmed that he was now running for more than just a fancy joker role, to which we offer ten minutes of play here and there. One reason for this: today it represents everything that Tudor has been trying to ask of men of him since his arrival, namely verticality. What Payet and Gerson missed against Frankfurt three weeks ago, both relegated to the bench due to the arrival of Sporting. In full possession of his means at the moment, the 77th Olympian puts on like a charm the suit of the carefree, of which he flies straight towards the opposite goal as soon as he touches the leather and often manages to break the opponents’ lines. midfielders thanks to their changes of direction.

A valuable role for OM, which really does not have another driving force profile like that of the Moroccan in its squad. Beyond the constant imbalance he brought during his 77 minutes on the pitch on Tuesday, Harit also excelled in the air – a well-hidden talent until then – by hitting a header worthy of a goal scorer, allowing your people to regain the upper hand and put them on the path to precious success. To his credit, he was also the one who dropped the ball on Balerdi’s head for the break goal, synonymous with the end of the suspense. In short: an XXL performance that Marseille desperately needed to stay alive in C1.

Harit’s merit

However, Harit still has some automatisms to find with Sánchez and Ünder, his two evening road partners with whom he has not combined much, but we can legitimately imagine that Tudor wants to renew this attacking trio in eight days in Lisbon to the second round. . Beforehand, the pontoise can afford a few hours to savor this performance. Because his return to favor also sounds like a magnificent prize for a player who recently found the Atlas Lions and, above all, who waited all summer for Pablo Longoria to deign to call him up for the returnee. “There were offers, from the right, from the left, but I took the risk of waiting and sometimes the risks pay off. I had a discussion with the president before the end of last season. He knows that I have only one word, and I understood that he had only one » , the former Schalke 04 revealed at a press conference in early September. Since then, the love story has been perfect, the player having become one of the darlings of the fans, who gave him a magnificent ovation at his (second) introduction at the end of the transfer window. The relationship will no doubt be further strengthened if Harit manages to change the face of this team in the coming weeks and send an entire city rediscovering the joys of the Champions League round of 16. But the road is still long.

By Alexandre Lejeune


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