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Twitch: How do I unsubscribe from a channel?

You no longer want to follow a streamer, so here’s how to simply unsubscribe from a Twitch channel.

unsubscribe to twitch channel

Maybe you just subscribed or followed a contraction streamer, but ultimately you want to go back. If this is your case and you want drop out from a Twitch channel or unfollow a content creator, here’s how to do it step by step.

How to unfollow a streamer step by step?

No matter what reason made you want unsubscribe from a Twitch channel, you should have the right to do so at any time. Without obligation, this subscription (the sub Twitch) can actually be canceled at any time. This is also specified when a user is subscribed.

So, keep in mind that you can find absolutely all your platform subscriptions in one place. Within the “subscriptions” tab simply. But before explaining how to access it.

Modify your subscription

Note that if you simply want to change the payment terms or monthly installments (pay in installments of 1 or 2 or 3 months), this is possible by accessing either the live of your streamer to which you are subscribed (if it is in Livewill appear on the left with a red ball next to your name).

Otherwise, if it is out of line, simply access your profile by clicking on your name in the list on the left, the same way you would to access your direct. At the bottom of life, is the button “manage subscription”. Click on it to simply change the monthly payments and terms.

unsubscribe to twitch channel

Unsubscribe from a Twitch channel

To unsubscribe from a channel you have subscribed to. please bite your profile icon (your photo) at the top right of the Twitch page. This will open a menu. Next click “Subscriptions”.

unsubscribe to twitch channel

This will open a page that lists all your subscriptions on the streaming platform Twitch. Find the channel you want to unsubscribe from. From there select the gear located at the top right of the subscription form linked to the channel.

unsubscribe to twitch channel

So, nothing simpler. A menu is displayed where you can:

  • Modify your subscription plan and therefore your monthly payments.
  • Change payment method of a Twitch subscription.
  • Choose not to renew the subscription.
  • Request a refund.

Example with Jeel’s Twitch channel:

unsubscribe to twitch channel

In case you choose do not renew the subscriptionPlease note that the current pay month will be well debited. Therefore, he will remain a subscriber until the next due date when, as a result, he will not be debited and therefore his subscription will not be not renewed and terminated. Indicate the reason why you want to stop the subscription and click “Do not renew the subscription”.

If you change your mind at this stage of the operation, you can keep your subscription renewed automatically by clicking “Keep your subscription”.

unsubscribe to twitch channel

Of course he can request a refund if you do not want to take advantage of the current month.

And now, voila! You have stopped your Twitch subscription. We told you that unsubscribing from a Twitch channel was very simple. If you still have difficulty, leave us in the comments, we will help you without any problem!

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Instead of unfollowing, how do you unfollow on Twitch?

If you’re not not subscribed to the channel in question, you may simply not want to follow it. This is quite understandable if, for example, the notifications bother you, if you no longer like a streamer’s content. Soon. Whatever reason you want unfollow a channelhere is how to do it very simply.

If the channel in question is not live, then it is out of line. So you’ll still find him listed on the left, but without the red dot next to his channel name. If you don’t find the channel in the list, or don’t follow it or search for it in the search bar located at the top of the screen in the middle.

If the channel is offline, go to your profile. You will find there a heart shaped icon next to the bell icon. the one shaped like Bell is used to manage notifications for this Twitch channel. If only notifications from this channel bother you, you can change it by tapping the bell.

To unfollow the channel, just tap on the heart. The message “Follow No More” then it is displayed. Example with the ZEvent page:

unsubscribe to twitch channel

In the event that the Twitch channel in question is currently Live, it’s even easier. You will find the channel name directly in the list on the left of the screen. A red dot appears next to your name. Click on it and go live. Once in the direct, same process: press in the heart to unfollow the streamer Example with Amouranth’s Twitch channel:

unsubscribe to twitch channel

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