Wakanim: French streaming platform suspected of being hacked

Wakanim: French streaming platform suspected of being hacked

Screenshot of the Wakanim website.

A database, which is presented as containing the personal information of all users of Wakanim, a French anime streaming platform, was put up for sale in late August on a site specializing in reselling pirated data. The anonymous vendor claimed to have hacked and withheld the personal data of 6.7 million platform users, including their email addresses, phone numbers, postal addresses, and various technical information about their accounts, but not their payment or payment information. your passwords. Very popular with teenagers and young adults, Wakanim has never disclosed its number of users.

contacted by The worldthe company explains that the file is ” under investigation “, and claims not to be able to discuss the issue for legal reasons. The Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés (CNIL), the privacy police in France, explains for its part that it has “received a data breach notification on the subject”, the wording generally used when a company believes it has been the victim of a data breach and contacts the commission. This notice is ” under investigation ” with the services of the CNIL.

In the event of proven data theft involving a ” high risk “ for users, French law, like European regulations, requires the companies in question to notify the users or customers in question.

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A fake site trying to cheat Wakanim customers

On Friday, September 2, the advertisement offered by the database was updated, stating that the seller had found a client, at the price shown, but “negotiable” of approximately 4,000 euros, to be paid in cryptocurrencies. Three days later, on September 5, an Internet user registered a website by spoofing Wakanim’s official website address; on day 6, according to testimonial posted online, users of the platform have received malicious text messages directing them to this fake site, with the aim of stealing their password and taking control of their account. The administrator of this fake site also created at the same time what appears to be another dedicated scam site, this time for health insurance, located on the same server as a French SME offering web hosting.

The information that allows you to connect to an account on a platform like Wakanim, Netflix or another, is often offered for sale on specialized sites, at low prices, since these hacked accounts generally have a short lifespan. In rarer cases, hackers demand a ransom payment to “return” the account to its legitimate user.

Created in 2009, Roubaix-based Wakanim was one of the first companies to offer rebroadcasts of Japanese cartoons on simultaneous transmission, that is, offering access to new episodes in France at the same time as in Japan. In recent years, the company had obtained exclusive broadcast rights to new episodes of several major series, including The attack of the Titans. After a series of acquisitions and concentration movements in the sector, the service merged in March with its French competitor Crunchyroll and the American Funimation, in turn a subsidiary of Sony.

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