Victor Wembanyama starts at Gravelines with 23 points and 10 rebounds

Victor Wembanyama starts at Gravelines with 23 points and 10 rebounds

This Friday the first day of Betclic Elite was played. Three games including the great victory of BCM Gravelines vs. Victor Wembanyama. However, the prospect defended himself well in a record that we still did not know about him, namely that of “Give him the swell and let him do it!” ». Guardiola should not be called for losing 12 at Sportica.

“Maybe That’s Why After All”. A succession of several months, brushed with a wind of stupor, misunderstanding, judgment around the election of Victor Wembanyama. How is it that the draft n°1 of the 2023 Draft has changed the comfort of ASVEL, two-time French champion in a committed title in the Euroleague, for the project of the Metropolitans 92? This Friday in Sportica, the accusation law probably proved him right. Vincent Collet’s group lost where they should have won, reaffirming last season’s hierarchy from the start of the season. Because of the collective failure, then, we will return. From the point of view that many will maintain this season, focused on Victor Wembanyama’s 2m21 (without shoes), the results are quite different. The French prospect made 23 shots and scored 23 points. He is not crazy, but he is very well. Our antithesis is torn between the French way of seeing things, namely that the Metropolitans 92 will never be able to aspire to the top of the table by throwing all the balls at Vico. The French championship is too briscarded -and good- for that. And then there is the way of seeing things in the NBA: Victor Wembanyama criticized 23 points and recovered 10 rebounds (including 7 offensive!) of the first game of his last season on French soil. Finally daring and cheekiness of a local prospect.

If we were Vincent Collet – coach of the Metropolitans 92 since the summer of 2021 – this setback would not necessarily translate into forty-two liters of concern. For the first game of the 2021-22 season, the residents of Ile-de-France had already eaten 20 Le Mans points. However, you will have to find a happy medium between doing “shine” Victor Wembanyama and get 100% of the rest of his rotation, full of great players like Konate Lahao, devante jones either bandja-sy. Without forgetting one of the pillars of French Youtube, Hugo Bessson, author of 11 points on 5/12 shooting and 4 assists last night. We still see a lot of room for improvement in the structure of his offensive sequences. In Australia, under the New Zealand Breakers label, Hugo perfectly found himself in the Americanized game and possession of him ends in iso. But here are the cities of France Narvalo: the European game is more rhythmic, the space at the exit of the pick-and-roll is reduced and, consequently, the time for reflection too. They are in a hurry because between Vico, Hugo and all the elders, they take the mayonnaise. Without excusing it, this setback is not bitter. A somewhat slow start, but already great prospects for the “project”.

Next date to mark on the calendar, Tuesday September 27 for the reception of Pau-Lacq Orthez and the 33 points of 12/21 in Víctor’s shot. Optimistic? Boarf plays moderately well and still puts out 23 shots against a team of old sea dogs. Some will undoubtedly pay a higher bill.

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