Petrol shortage in the Tarn: are you affected by the new restrictions of the prefecture?

Petrol shortage in the Tarn: are you affected by the new restrictions of the prefecture?

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The Tarn Prefect has just issued an order to restrict the sale of fuel in the department. Refueling will now be limited to 30 liters for individuals, although some professionals will benefit from exemptions. La Dépêche du Midi details the measures.

No more sales on drums and fees at the pump. To deal with the fuel shortage that affects many departments, including the Tarn, the prefect, François-Xavier Lauch, has just published a prefectural order aimed at limiting the sale of fuel.

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First measure, “the sale, purchase, distribution and transport of fuels (petrol, ethanol, diesel and LPG) packaged in any manually transportable container” is prohibited in the Tarn.

The purchase and sale of fuel will also be limited to 30 liters for private vehicles of less than 3.5 tons, 120 liters for vehicles of more than 3.5 tons and 200 liters for heavy vehicles.

These limitations do not apply to certain service vehicles or companies that provide a public service mission, of which the Prefecture draws up an exhaustive list.

This refers:

✔ Police and Gendarmerie Vehicles

✔ municipal sources

✔ Prison administration

✔ Management Service Vehicles

✔ Vehicles of state executives on duty, mayors, elected officials on duty

✔ Municipal staff on duty

✔ Military vehicles

✔ Firefighters

✔ Approved associations providing civil security missions

✔ SAMU, SMUR and UMH (mobile hospital unit)

✔ Private ambulances

✔ VSL (light medical vehicles)

✔ Approved taxis

✔ school vehicles

✔ Organ and blood transport vehicles

✔ CUMP (medical-psychological emergency cells)

✔ Private vehicles of doctors, nurses, hospital agents and health professionals whose practice is regulated by the Health Code (physiotherapists, pharmacists, veterinarians)

✔ Staff of medical biology analysis laboratories

✔ Medical gas providers

✔ Intervention vehicles that contribute to safety and healthcare continuity: curative intervention (MRI failure, scanner, radiotherapy, endoscopy, medical fluids, etc.)

✔ GIG (Grand Invalide de Guerre) and GIC (Grand Invalide Civil) vehicles, or driven or transporting disabled or reduced mobility people

✔ The vehicles of the personnel of the health system (health establishments, ARS, etc.) mobilized in case of a health emergency, in particular in the framework of the activation of white plans for health establishments, prior accreditation from their employer

✔ Drinking water analysis laboratory vehicles

✔ The vehicles of the companies that collect animal carcasses, extract and transport animal meal…

✔ Intervention and recovery vehicles: Gas, Electricity, Water Service, Pipeline Transportation, Telephone Operators, Highway Companies, Roadside Assistance

✔ Waste collection and treatment vehicles

✔ Vehicles for funeral transport or provision of funeral services (thanatopraxy)

✔ armored vans

✔ Mail Transport Vehicles

✔ Surveillance or protection company

✔ Buses, school transport

✔ Transport of people with disabilities (vehicles belonging to transport companies)

✔ Delivery vehicles for general food stores (Supermarkets, Supermarkets, Hypermarkets, Retail Stores)

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