Wendie Renard, captain of Les Bleues, against Sweden-France: "It shouldn't be surprising that there is a break"

Wendie Renard, captain of Les Bleues, against Sweden-France: “It shouldn’t be surprising that there is a break”

“What did Les Bleues miss on Friday in Germany (2-1 loss)? Have the same mistakes been made as in the European Championship?
It was a difficult game, although we started well, with good pressure, recovering the balls quite high. We lacked efficiency because we had chances to score, which we couldn’t do. This will have to be corrected.

“It is important to be able to put intensity, to be able to impose our game on the rival for several minutes. But that is not all.”

The France team sometimes shudders in intensity. Should I work on this point before the World Cup? Or find other solutions in your game?
When you get to a big competition, the intensity is an important component, but also the management of this type of match. This means playing games like these, facing the best nations. It is important to be able to put intensity, to be able to impose our game on the rival for several minutes. But that is not all. It is also important to handle the ball well and above all to put it back (from the opposing goal).

Did you find the France team below Germany in this area?
It is true that in the midfield there were many impacts but no, personally I did not feel that I was in physical trouble. They managed to make good use of our turnovers. There were situations, especially in the second half, in which the defenders met attackers who managed to hit us, create gaps and dangerous crosses. We had a good game, but it is true that throughout the game we must be able to put intensity, manage these times.

What kind of opposition do you expect against Sweden?
It’s a different style than Germany but close, however, they are teams that are used to the quarterfinals. The Swedes are athletic and technically they like to play, they have players capable of making a difference, they also like to go deep. They are quite intelligent in their movements. It will be up to us, at home, to put intensity, keep going and above all be effective.

How are you feeling physically at this stage of the season?
Obviously it’s difficult because we had very few vacations after the European Championship. We quickly continued our season with our clubs. Although we like this kind of thing when we are competitors, our body is our work tool and at some point, sometimes, it says stop. For my part, I chain the matches and I begin to feel better, to increase the pressure. But surely there is fatigue, it should not be surprising that there are problems with trips and games every three days. when we’ll return (Selection), we will also continue. It will be important to be very professional off the field, with a perfect lifestyle, to try to last as long as possible without problems. I will do my best to be strong throughout the season.

Are you seeing an increase in the number of injuries in women’s football? If so, what do you think are the causes?
Yes, there are more and more injuries, long injuries, so you have to ask yourself the right questions. We are not in the instances. The matches, we like to play them, but at some point we also leave feathers and, above all, we get fired. There is also sometimes an alternation of fields, with teams alternating between synthetic and grass. At this level of the competition, and even in the Champions League, for me it is unacceptable. They are things that the body, its joints, do not accept. With the sequence of games -we also see it with the boys- there is a lot of fatigue, breakage. Covid may have changed a lot of things. But we must not forget that we are human beings and that at certain times we need to recover, even psychologically. »

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