Maps and tools to avoid gasoline shortages this week

Maps and tools to avoid gasoline shortages this week

The map of Total service stations in France. The map of Total service stations in France.

The map of Total service stations in France.

FUEL – While the strike movement continues at the French refineries of TotalÉnergies This Sunday, October 16, it is not during this last week before the school holidays that gasoline and diesel will flow again at service stations.

In fact, although the situation is improving and the proportion of service stations in difficulty has fallen below 30% since Thursday, according to the Ministry of Energy Transition, the situation remains critical. On Saturday, 27.3% of the country’s gas stations were considered “in difficulty”that is, affected by the breakage of at least one of its products, according to the Minister of Energy Transition Agnès Pannier-Runacher, a slight improvement compared to the previous day (28.5%).

The situation should improve even more. “Next Week’s” either from October 17, Emmanuel Macron assured in the program the event on France 2, ahead of a new expected speech from Elisabeth Borne at 8pm on TF1 this Sunday night. While she waits for the tanks to fill up, The HuffPost gives you the maps and apps to help you find fuel near you.

  • The government interactive map

In September, the government launched an interactive map available on the website. It lists all the service stations that still have diesel or gasoline and is updated periodically. It is possible to search by type of fuel, by type of brand or by department or city, TF1 specifies on its site. Once the quest is launched, simply zoom in and click on the little red bomb that indicates the supply level of the selected station.

  • The card “my essence is missing” updated by users

The site penurie.mon-essence can also be useful for finding fuel. It has a map that lists the open service stations and the available fuels. Its advantage: it is updated in real time on the basis of user statements. Again, you have to press the small pump to find out which fuels are missing from a station. the news website cnet remember that the card is available as an application with Essence&CO available on iOS and Android.

  • Fuel availability, prices, schedules and stations on the TotalEnergies map

On your site, Total Energies it has also published a map listing all of its stations around the world. Useful if you live near a border country, motorists from the Hauts-de-France have also rushed to Belgian stations in recent days.

On this map, you can select the desired fuel in the bar on the right or search directly on the map for a station, marked with a black dot. By clicking on it, you will know the availability and, in some cases, the site also indicates prices at the pump, opening hours and offers a GPS service to get there.

You can also download applications from the App Store, iOS and Android, such as Waze which is not only a GPS but also indicates the availability of fuel stations. The Gaspal app is also very practical because it allows you to specifically select the stations that offer the fuel compatible with your vehicle and has a price comparator.

diesel now has the same services as Gaspal but according to online media Lemon squeezer, the app really has something extra. It is already more ergonomic: you can compare the prices displayed at the stations on the map but also in a list. The app then pulls your data from both the official government map and community reports, allowing you to be accurate in those reports.

The sites and applications that are offered to look for fuel are, therefore, full and will allow you to avoid unnecessary trips. While you wait for the stresses at the pump to end, you can also turn to carpooling to save fuel. As of January 1, 2023, the government will pay €100 to all new users of car sharing apps like Blablacar.

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