LIVE - PSG: Only one noteworthy loss in the group against Troyes

LIVE – PSG: Only one noteworthy loss in the group against Troyes

There is still no Danilo in the group against Troyes

Just returned to individual training, Danilo is not in the PSG group for the welcome to Troyes this Saturday at the Parc des Princes (5:00 p.m.).

The absence of the Portuguese midfielder is the only notable one in Christophe Galtier’s squad. There are the other executives, including the trio made up of Mbappé, Messi and Neymar.

Galtier on Hugo Ekitike

“I had a long discussion with him last week. He can’t be satisfied with his playing time. I told him he had some responsibility, but so did he. We took great care of him on a physical plan because he was late for preparation”. With our trio, it requires a lot of investment. We hardly play instead of one of the 3, there is a comparison. They are world class players. He had asked her to get closer in the game, that he have a connection with our circles. Sometimes he was disappointed not to be a starter in certain parties, I discussed it with him and gave him the reasons for my choices. He is a talented player, who has to compensate for his lack of playing time in training, putting more pace and intensity. When he returns he has to be visible. There may be a loss of confidence. He came back in the last 2 games, especially in Haifa although there were a small rush by a ball from Leo. Hange, I asked you to keep an eye on his workloads. So he will probably play more minutes.”


“Knowing Bruno Irles, having heard him many times, he applies everything he could say when he was a consultant. He wants to build very low, it is a team that is a pleasure to watch play. They have won twice away from home this season. I don’t think he will change his approach the DNA of his team is focused on the game This is a game for us after a great performance it can’t be we have to ban it, we have an obligation to win Performances lead to performances. The period is interesting, we have to insist on that and correct our changes from the locker room in the second half.”

Galtier on Kimpembe’s return

“Kimpembe was worried when he got injured, almost 7 weeks out. Both the first 10 days were difficult on a mental level. He just returned to the field to work, I saw him very motivated and focused. , listening to his body so as not to skip the stages. I observe him, he spoke very little. I don’t put pressure on my staff to get the player back as soon as possible. He was very attentive, he is an important player. at PSG. He is the only left-hander as a central defender. He will play. We’ll see through the system. The elections will also be made according to the performance in the parties.”

Galtier again on Kimpembe and associations in defense

“There are three specific players who can play in a 4-man defense. Mukiele can also play, but we need him on the right side. He can come and help. Danilo too and he did very well. I hope he does.” be ready for Turin. As for Ramos, he has played almost his entire career on the left. He was on the right against Haifa, but Marquinhos is not ashamed. Kimpembe is a specific southpaw, he is an added value, who builds the game very low. They are three top international players. He forces me to make decisions, but they are easy to do with players of this level.”

Galtier on the attacking trio

On a possible break this weekend: “It’s their state of fatigue that will judge. They’ve scored 40 goals out of 50 this season, so it won’t be based on their form. When we have this dynamic, we don’t.” “Let’s not break it, we keep it. The medical staff have done an excellent job in recent weeks. They are fine, then there is the reality of the match. We have an obligation to win against Troyes. There will also be a lot on the line in midweek in Turin When there is this dynamic and this osmosis, it is maintained once again, and throughout the game, there is the possibility of involving other players.

Galtier in Kimpembe

“Kimpembe returned in good spirits, after a fairly long absence. For me it was important that he could participate in the Champions League. He needed references. He lacked sessions in Ajaccio, on a sporting and physical level. He is ready to start a game. system, the presence of my central defenders leads me to know if I run into a 5 line, without the same animation in the middle. This breeds competition but is healthy between very high level players. It pushes everyone up on each game, with high turnovers”.

Galtier on Hakimi and his role

“Hakimi, the first thought was how to free up our runners and our pistons, also with the specific profile of our attackers. We started with the idea of ​​playing 3-5-2, it was very interesting but the sequence of matches requires a lot of energy. We found that our pistons were struggling, starting from way down low. We got the ball back very low with our midfielders as well. There is also the recruitment that was made with the arrival of players at the heart of the game with Soler, Ruiz and Sanches. My reflection, following the average of matches that we have been able to do, is how we can modify to have more density in the heart of the game. Obviously, we have to make sure that our 3 attackers can be in their best zone, the animation. That also frees up our sides, which are no longer pistons. Bernat is no longer a specific player with a defense of 4, he is a tactically correct player. Hakimi, in this animation, finds spaces there, with compensation s with the 3 midfielders.”

Galtier on tactics

Let’s go to Galtier’s press conference, asked about the differences with his schemes: “Against Haifa, the truth is that we played 4 behind. There are 3 midfielders but there is an animation in which we work a lot, especially the three forwards. We can play in 4-3-3 or in diamonds with Messi or Neymar in the center of the game. You decide if you consider Neymar as a midfielder or as a striker. It is not particularly a 4-3-3 because it would require Leo and Kylian to defend in the flanks while they are more comfortable on the inside.

“Troyes is a playful team” according to Galtier

Christophe Galtier: “Troyes is a very playful team, with a lot of desire to play football. I don’t think Bruno Irles will change that, it’s in his mood. I know we will have a tough opponent. It is often the season match for the players. We will try to make the game last as little as possible”.

“Maintain the demand”, Galtier before the conference

As usual before the press conference, Christophe Galtier went to the microphone of the PSG channel: “The first thing is that he maintains the demand. We have to win, regardless of the rival. We are going to take the lead, that will allow us, if the schedule is too busy, suffering poor performances without any impact on the rankings. I have been talking to the players for two days to keep the mood, forbidding any relaxation. There is a lot of intensity in our sessions, the demand on the quality of play. We try to inject freshness so that everyone is competitive.”

Barcelona prosecutors drop charges against Neymar

While Neymar was being tried in Catalonia for his transfer from Santos to Barça a few years ago, the Prosecutor’s Office withdrew this Friday all charges of corruption and fraud against the Brazilian and the rest of the defendants in the trial that detained Barcelona for alleged irregularities around to the transfer of the player. in 2013.

In a twist, the prosecutor announced “withdraw the accusation against all the defendants and for all the facts” of which they are accused. The prosecution had initially requested two years in prison and a fine of 10 million euros against the Brazilian soccer star.

The Ticketplace platform in the sights of fans

Ticketplace, PSG’s official ticket resale platform, is the subject of much criticism from Parisian fans, not only exasperated by the prices charged, but also angered by the presence of Maccabi Haifa supporters outside the visitors’ car park of the Champions League.

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The Bloc Parisii asks the club to review the organization of the Boulogne stand

A rare group of fans from the Boulogne stand at the Parc des Princes (but prohibited from meeting by the club and without an assigned sector, like the CUP in Auteuil), the Block Parisii denounces the “invasion” of Maccabi Haifa supporters on Tuesday night in the Champions League, while the latter were much larger than the 1,600 fans expected in the car park, thus overflowing the Boulogne stands.

“It is more than a quarter of our shift that was invaded by the away team and our access to the stands is prohibited by our stewards, the PSG subscribers,” laments the collective, pointing out the “risks” that this could have engendered.

However, the Bloc Parisii is glad that no confrontation has taken place and therefore takes the opportunity to ask the club for permission to regroup at the Boulogne stand in the future, in order to “relive this turn that it’s dying”.

The entire Parisian team in training

No absence to report from the Parisian team in training this Friday, on the eve of the match against Troyes. Danilo is there, but the Portuguese trains separately.


Press conference at 1 p.m.

Hello everyone, welcome to this RMC Sport live to follow all the news from Paris Saint-Germain on the eve of the scheduled league match against Troyes at the Parc des Princes (Saturday 5pm).

Christophe Galtier’s pre-match press conference is scheduled for Friday at 1 p.m.

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