Hamraoui case: "I heard him scream", Aminata Diallo delivers her version of the attack

Hamraoui case: “I heard him scream”, Aminata Diallo delivers her version of the attack

Accused in the assault case against Kheira Hamraoui, Aminata Diallo gave an exceptional interview to RMC Sport to deliver her version of events. The former Paris Saint-Germain player tells for the first time the story of the night of November 4, 2021 where her career changed with the attack on her car and the violent attack on hers, now her ex-partner.

Now without a club following the completion of her contract at Paris Saint-Germain, Aminata Diallo is determined to turn the corner. Subjected to judicial surveillance and prosecuted by the courts for charges of aggravated violence and criminal association in the Hamraoui case, the tricolor midfielder broke the silence for the first time before the microphone of RMC Sport. To give her version, the 27-year-old player told what she experienced on November 4, 2021 at the Chatou des Yvelines during the attack on her ex-partner at the Parisian club.

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“We had a cohesion dinner as it was going to be an important moment of the season with very important games for different competitions in which PSG aimed to win them. The club had organized this meal to weld the group a little, the bonds. Even if before that, of course, the group lived quite well and had quite good relations, Aminata Diallo estimated. The night passed normally enough for the game. And then, after lunch, I return to the 78 side to drop off my teammates Sakina Karchaoui. and Kheira Hamraoui. In fact, they both live in Chatou.”

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Diallo denies leaving Karchaoui to be alone with Hamraoui

Very quickly after the attack on Kheira Hamraoui, Aminata Diallo’s name appeared in the press. The player, taken into police custody and interviewed by investigators, had to explain why she had accompanied Sakina Karchaoui home that night.

“When we get to Chatou, I’ll leave Sakina Karchaoui first. Alone with Madame Hamraoui,” Aminata Diallo launched again.

And the one who presents herself as the sponsor of the attack (which she denies) responds firmly to her accusations: “It is false since Sakina Karchaoui herself during her hearing with the investigators indicates that it is she who asked me to leave her.” first to be able to watch the second half of the OM-Lazio match in the Europa League. So I didn’t insist on dropping Sakina Karchaoui, Aminata Diallo told RMC Sport. I did it quite naturally at his request. And then because in Waze I he had put the address of Sakina Karchaoui. The address she had put on the outbound trip, so it was the first address. That’s why I put it there.

Diallo denies driving slowly

Aminata Diallo also assured that no, she had not spent the afternoon talking on the phone while driving. Therefore, according to her account, she was unable to indicate her and Kheira Hamraoui’s position to the attackers. Also, she did not drive at low speed to favor the attack on her vehicle.

“Once again it is an element that they are trying to put in my charge and that today is not proven. He was driving, as I indicated, at a normal pace down that street, ”continued the player who had worked at Guingamp or Atlético in particular during his professional career. It was a narrow street, not very narrow but narrow after all, where there were cars parked to the right and left in a zigzag pattern. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I I. I couldn’t drive very fast, but I couldn’t drive very slow either.”

Diallo: “Kheira’s hand was bleeding and screaming in pain”

Beyond the facts for which she is accused during the evening, Aminata Diallo recalled that she had also been a victim of the attack tonight on November 4. If Kheira Hamraoui suffered serious leg injuries, the other PSG midfielder was also hit by one of the attackers.

“[Etiez-vous surprise?] Yeah, uh, very surprised. In fact, we’re in the middle of the night right now. It is a street that is not illuminated. And uh… if I remember correctly, we arrived at a van, a white van behind which the attackers seemed to be hiding, Aminata Diallo said. They suddenly appear at the level of my hood. They started banging on my hood. It was very very fast. To break everything, 30 or 40 seconds. One came from my side, the other came from Kheira Hamraoui’s side. They opened the doors. I don’t know if they asked us to open them or what, but they opened the doors. Whoever was on my side abused me. Uh… we also forgot to say it. He insulted me and tried to tell me that he had to give him money.”

And the tricolor international with seven teams to recount the hell experienced by her former friend: “On the other hand, Kheira got out of the car. I think it was the aggressor who pulled her and actually tackled rudder shots,” the young woman declared for RMC. Sport. I heard her scream and I think they saw a light. Something, a light or a car, that made them flee. They ran away, it was very fast. At that moment, Kheira got up very quickly and got back into my car. Her hand was bleeding and she was screaming in pain.”

Diallo describes a problem with his car doors

The investigators quickly investigated the possible participation of Aminata Diallo in this terrible attack of which Kheira Hamraoui was the victim. Among the things that the former PSG player is accused of, she is accused in particular of not having locked the doors of her vehicle. The main stakeholder does not agree with this theory.

“We saw the next day, when we were at the judicial police in Versailles, and then also with the testimony when we told the story to Kadidiatou Diani, who actually confirmed to us that he had realized maybe a week before, that the car was not it locks itself, narrated Aminata Diallo. Which surprised us because recent cars are normally locked. In fact, indeed, we found that the car if we didn’t lock it manually, it wouldn’t lock itself. But at the time I didn’t know, and We were not informed of this, that the car could be opened from the outside.”

Diallo: “At that moment, we are very shocked”

In the space of a few tens of seconds, the careers of Aminata Diallo and Kheira Hamraoui changed course during the night of November 4, 2021. During her interview with RMC Sport, the first of the two young women also pointed out that it had been fear. of their life. In fact, she also hadn’t been able to see a possible lookout positioned near the site of the attack.

“It was very dark, no [je n’ai pas vu d’observateur]. And then all of a sudden we’re very shocked. We don’t know how to react. It was very, very fast, concluded Aminata Diallo. The fact of seeing two hooded men arrive, in the act is really scary.

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