Le député NUPES de la 4e circonscription de la Haute-Garonne, François Piquemal a ouvert une cagnotte solidaire… pour le patron de TotalEnergies.

The CEO of Total reveals his salary: this NUPES deputy from Toulouse opens a kitten Leetchi

The NUPES deputy for the 4th district of Haute-Garonne, François Piquemal, has opened a solidarity boat... for the head of TotalEnergies.
The NUPES deputy for the 4th district of Haute-Garonne, François Piquemal, has opened a solidarity boat… for the head of TotalEnergies. (©Thibaut Calatayud / Toulouse News)

“Don’t say thank you. It’s ironic that Francois Piquemalthe deputy (NUPES-LFI) of the 4me Haute-Garonne electoral district, announced on Tuesday, October 18, 2022, the opening of a Kitten Leechi for Patrick PouyaneDirector of Total Energies.

An “increase” of 52% between 2020 and 2021

It all started with a tweet from the head of the French multinational in the face of strikes at its warehouses and refineries.

Patrick Pouyanné speaks of his “fatigue” in the face of criticism of the salary increase between 2020 and 2021. In the period, the CEO went from an annual remuneration of 3,918,263 euros to 5,944,129 euros. Be one 52% increase.

“Here is the real evolution of my remuneration since 2017: it is constant except in 2020 because I cut my salary voluntarily and my variable part has normally gone down with the results of TotalEnergies”, tweets the former adviser of Édouard Balladur. The chart shows that after this temporary drop, the CEO’s salary returned to its pre-crisis level.

In a second tweet, Patrick Pouyanné recalls that he does not decide the fruit of his work. This was set by the Board of Directors, then approved by the shareholders of TotalEnergies.

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“(The salary, editor’s note) is certainly high but comparable to my CAC40 peers and much lower than other European and American careers.”

Patrick PouyaneCEO of Total Energies

The explanation of the CEO does not pass

While many French TotalEnergies employees are mobilizing to demand a salary increase, the boss’s transparency has not had the desired effect. Worse yet, Patrick Pouyanné has drawn the ire of some of the twittosphere. She considers this remuneration “indecent”.

Figures from La France Insoumise as Clementine Autain, Francois Ruffin either Daniele Obonohe preferred to play the irony card to address the CEO’s explanation.

For his part, Deputy Piquemal decided to open a real mess about Leetchi to provide ironic support to this CAC40 capo.

“We have just learned that Mr. Pouyanné, CEO of Total, is unfairly accused of having ‘increased 52%’. In 2020 he only received 3.9 million euros… To remedy this injustice we invite you to participate.

Leetchi kitten released by François Piquemal

A tweet that marks “a disconnection of the ultra-rich”

contacted by News from Toulouse, the former history professor turned MP believes this departure by the head of TotalEnergies marks “a disengagement from the ultra-rich. They no longer even realize that there are indecent things in front of all those who today have difficulties to be able to live, feed themselves, find decent housing”.

“The 7% increase in wages proposed by the management of TotalEnergies? Of course it is insufficient! It is the union minimum. We (NUPES, editor’s note), are about to index wages to inflation, the minimum wage and have sectoral negotiations. in all sectors have a salary increase.

Francois PiquemalDeputy (NUPES-LFI) for the 4th constituency of Haute-Garonne

Zero euros raised

Less than 24 hours after its launch, no one has yet participated in this unusual kitten. “I don’t know if there will be a lot of solidarity with Mr. Pouyanné…” laughs the Toulouse native, who is now calling to follow the pot of William Meuricethe columnist of France Inter. “He had the same initiative as me. I make common cause! “Exclaims the elected official from Toulouse.

The deputy’s collection remains, for the time being, active. If someone plays the prank by making a donation, the money will be donated to union strike funds mobilized during the day of October 18. Unless Patrick Pouyanné accepts, as a joke, the solidarity of the elected official of Toulouse…


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