The JV Fan Contest has officially launched!  Earn exclusive badges and get free NFT

The JV Fan Contest has officially launched! Earn exclusive badges and get free NFT

News inside The JV Fan Contest has officially launched! Earn exclusive badges and get free NFT

JV Fan Contest: reminder of the rules

So ? Ready to become the site’s top contributor? To participate, it’s simple, you just need an active JV account. To create your account (free of course), find here.

Once your account is created, the competition begins for you as it does for all other site users with an active account.

To accumulate points and move up the rankings (accessible on the dedicated JV Fan Contest page), all you have to do is participate in our various discussion areas. All details can be found here.

Once the contest is over (November 30, 2022), the classification will be permanently fixed. Thus, we will meet the best contributors to the challenge to reward them with exclusive badges. Bonus: There are also free NFTs to earn.

JV Fan Contest: Bonus NFTs

These non-fungible tokens created for the occasion and generated on the Polygon blockchain are not a replacement for badges. This is an additional and optional reward. You are not required to receive a free NFT. If you are one of the participants in the Jv Fan Contest and want to get a free NFT, you must first enter the public key of your wallet (cryptocurrency wallet) in the section provided for this purpose – visible at “edit account information“.

The JV Fan Contest has officially launched!  Earn exclusive badges and get free NFT

Once your wallet has been entered, it will automatically be eligible to airdrop a free NFT. If you don’t have a wallet yet and want to participate in the NFT JV airdrop, it’s not too late. To create your cryptocurrency wallet, here is a tutorial.

JV Fan Contest

Good JV Fan Contest everyone!

About NFTs

What is an NFT?

An NFT is short for Non Fungible Token or non-fungible token in French. NFTs are crypto tokens issued on a blockchain.

Exploiting this technology at the genesis of cryptocurrencies, NFTs inscribe inviolable properties on this virtual registry. As a result, NFTs are true digital property certifications.

Is an NFT necessarily an image?

A distinction must be made between an NFT and the object associated with it. In fact, the non-fungible token is first and foremost a virtual property certificate and not the digital file as such. An NFT is usually associated with a photo or video, but can also take the form of text, music, or any other digital or physical format.

What is an NFT used for?

NFTs are generally used to enforce proprietary rights online. Thus, the owner of a token of a virtual work can collect royalties, ensure respect for the intellectual property of their digital object, etc.

This feature has remarkably allowed NFT to shine in art by creating value and rarity in digital images available on the web. In addition, beyond art, this technology offers multiple uses in various sectors such as video games, product traceability, etc.

How is the value of an NFT defined?

These tokens are not fungible, that is, they have a unique value unlike cryptocurrencies, which are fungible (1 bitcoin = 1 bitcoin).

Therefore, the price of an NFT is arbitrarily set by the owner of the token. This price is usually in cryptocurrency, most often in Ether (ETH).

How to buy and sell NFTs?

NFTs are usually bought or resold on trading platforms like Opensea or Foundation.

What is an NFT mint?

The “Mint” or strike in French, is the initial process of selling a token. To become a permanent part of the blockchain ledger, these new tokens must be new. Through this action, the user gets to complete a transaction with their fees to see their token appear first hand in the block chain.

What is an NFT airdrop?

An airdrop refers to the free distribution of an NFT to a crypto wallet address.

How to store an NFT?

In order to store an NFT, you must have a crypto wallet/wallet. The most popular are metamask either trust wallet.

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