Renault Austral microhybrid 130 hp: is this new engine really economical?

Renault Austral microhybrid 130 hp: is this new engine really economical?

Starting from scratch to take over from the Kadjar, the Austral has in particular the heavy task of inaugurating the new 130 hp 1.2 micro-hybrid turbo. A promising three-cylinder, according to our official measurements!

If the main mission of the Renault Austral is to excite the Peugeot 3008, the new Losange SUV also has the difficult task of brand new motorization from the manufacturer. In this case a 1.2 turbo 3-cylinder equipped with a 48V microhybridization. Like the PureTech 130 of the former PSA now Stellantis, the unprecedented 3-cylinder Renault will hit almost the entire “thermal” range in the coming years. In fact, we were keen to test his skills under the hood of the Austral, which we duly did in accordance with our official protocol at Montlhéry. For the occasion, it is a Techno variant with a 6-speed manual gearbox, from €35,900, which we examine, in other words the second level of finish, without a doubt the one that will be the best seller. Broad enough on the equipment side, this definition also has the merit of not overly burdening the Austral, which is not light by nature…

A brave Austral despite its weight

The new Renault Austral is more pleasant to drive than the Kadjar.
The new Renault Austral is more pleasant to drive than the Kadjar.© Alex Krassovsky

It shows in the numbers. On the scales, “our” Austral weighs 1,537 kg. It should be noted that our protocol requires everyone to refuel for the weigh-in, but no one on board. It is, in other words, a few tens of kilos more than a Peugeot 3008 PureTech 130 Allure (1,460 kg contrasted). But despite this small handicap, the Austral shows the same performance as its rival Sochaux. Our stopwatch is formal, these two hold to 1 or 2 tenths of a second, whether it’s accelerations or times. It is only in the 6th report that the Austral makes more than 3 seconds in the 3008. There is no laziness on the part of the 3-cylinder Renault but simply a sixth gear that pulls much more to lower consumption on the road.

The real performance of the new Renault Austral 130 CV compared to the Peugeot 3008

Measure Renault Austral 130hp Peugeot 3008 130 hp
Measure0 to 100km/h Renault Austral 130hp11.2s Peugeot 3008 130 hp11.2s
Measure1000m DA Renault Austral 130hp33s Peugeot 3008 130 hp32.8s
Measure80 to 120 km/h in 4th gear Renault Austral 130hp8.8s Peugeot 3008 130 hp8.7
Measure80 to 120 km/h in 5th gear Renault Austral 130hp12.3s Peugeot 3008 130 hp11.2s
Measure80 to 120 km/h in 6th gear Renault Austral 130hp19.3s Peugeot 3008 130 hp16.1s

The new and efficient 3-cylinder Renault!

This is also the other match between the two tricolors. Because in these times of expensive fuels -and they are not going to go down- sobriety is more than ever a purchase criterion. There the Renault SUV takes off, thanks to a much more sophisticated engine equipped with microhybridization. On average, it claims 0.5 l/100 km less than the 3008. But it is not in the city, where the French are on an equal footing, where the difference widens. It is on the road and even more so on the highway where the Peugeot loses ground, the rescue of its shorter box staged in the latest reports. Due to its mass and size, the Austral 130 hp is quite sober. The most surprising thing surely coming from the homogeneity of its consumption whatever the use. A good proof of the efficiency of the new 1.2 3-cylinder that has the difficult mission of replacing, in the long term, the excellent 1.3 4-cylinder turbo.

The real consumption of the Renaut Austral compared to the Peugeot 3008

Cycle Renault Austral 130hp Peugeot 3008 130 hp
Cyclecity ​​consumption Renault Austral 130hp7.4l/100km Peugeot 3008 130 hp7.4l/100km
Cycleroad consumption Renault Austral 130hp7.1l/100km Peugeot 3008 130 hp7.8l/100km
CycleHighway consumption Renault Austral 130hp7.6l/100km Peugeot 3008 130 hp8.7l/100km
Cycleaverage consumption Renault Austral 130hp7.3l/100km Peugeot 3008 130 hp7.8l/100km
Published in 10/30/2022 Updated 10/30/2022

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