On Twitch, a streamer opened a virus in front of his viewers, he wasn't ready

On Twitch, a streamer opened a virus in front of his viewers, he wasn’t ready

In full live, a streamer opened a virus in front of 60,000 people live. Suffice to say, he quickly regretted it.

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What’s worse than realizing you’ve been hacked or have a virus on your computer? And that’s just what happened to this streamer. while i was live in front of 60,000 peoplethe latter has opened a virus who completely hacked his computer. His reaction has become legendary, but you’ll see quickly, it’s worth the detour.

A Youtuber opens a live virus: his reaction is legendary

After Twitch’s terrible announcement about the income of its streamers, a user experienced a second tragedy: the pure and simple death of his PC. The reason ? While live streaming, he opened a virus that completely irradiated his computer. IShowSpeed therefore, it was hacked live in front of almost 60,000 spectatorsunable to do anything.

the american youtuber 11 million subscribers it is well known in the United States, but not in France. So his name may not mean anything to you. But actually, he is very famous in his country. So of course this story of live hackingafter opening a virus, did what buzz.

streamer opening virus twitch live

To put it in context, while live, IShowSpeed opened a visibly malicious file On your computer. He knew that this file could threaten his computer, but he decided to download and open it anyway. concept follower “Happening”, this Youtuber is well known for trying many things on the channel. Including risky things.

This is how the streamer decided to open the famous stuck file. In particular, he indicated that he was not “not a coward” and that, therefore, he had no reason to be afraid of doing what he did.

But, unfortunately for him, the consequences of this act were not long in coming. At once, IShowSpeed’s computer started spinning and fuck really hard. The image was saturated giving a memorable reaction from the Youtuber. See for yourself with this video posted on Twitter.

IShowSpeed: real hacking or staging?

Note that this is clearly not the first time this videographer has been hacked live. In fact, it has happened to him many times before, as evidenced by Live Speedy Youtube Channel. On this channel, many videos have been posted showing IShowSpeed ​​hacked live by opening a virus.

Therefore, it is legitimate to ask: IShowSpeed Did you really open a real live virus? Piracy is hard to believe given the circumstances. The latter already been hacked many times and all the videos have been published publicly. Sounds a lot like a publicity stunt.

or in an event, precisely, of which the youtuber is a follower. The Happening principle is based on the fact that create a situation from scratch and create a surprise effect that makes the situation spectacular for the spectators. Is it a staging? Tell us what you think about it in the comments.

On our side, as on the Videogames.com, this live open virus is unlikely to be real. Look at the Youtuber’s office in the video. Their PC desktop is completely empty. Sound like a videographer’s office to you? We don’t think.

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This type of hacking is very rare, hackers keep themselves discreet.

Also note that this type of hacking is very, if not extremely rare. In general, when someone gets their computer hacked, they don’t necessarily live with a virus, the rotating screen doesn’t. Most of the time, the hacker will be even very discreet using your PC without your knowledge

Why ? Well, because if you realize you just have to to turn off the computer so that the hacker is no longer focused (at this time T) on your data. As a result, only hackers who explicitly want to bother you, destroy your data, or sow chaos will rotate the screen like this. Therefore, a hacker who wants to watch what he is doing and steal his banking or other information will be much more discreet than that.

In the case of this streamer opening a live virus, it is therefore unlikely that a youtuber falls into this kind of chaotic virus while the latter are the rarest.

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Without being live, these are the signs that you may have been attacked by a virus

In general, to know if you have been hacked, there are several signs that, taken together, do not deceive. For example :

  • The frequent appearance of windows. These encourage you to visit unusual sites or download antivirus or other software.
  • Since noticeable changes on the home page of your PC.
  • Emails sent FROM your electronic messaging.
  • locks frequently from the PC.
  • a special computer slow.
  • Since unknown programs which starts when you start your PC.
  • changes in your password without you being

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