Fuels: 12% of French service stations need supply

Fuels: 12% of French service stations need supply

The government spokesman, Olivier Véran, assured however this Wednesday that there was no “shortage”.

An increasing number of petrol stations have to temporarily close due to insufficient stocks. At the exit of the Council of Ministers, this Wednesday, the government spokesman, Olivier Véran, admitted that there were many “tensions» of supply in a not insignificant part of the establishments, which will have to close temporarily, due to lack of product.

A “dual parameter sets“, accurate. On the one hand, the strike that affects the refineries disrupts the logistics circuits and can cause occasional shortages. On the other hand, the higher price discount at the gas station led to a drop in prices, then a jump in demand, which led toavailability voltages of one or more fuelsin the zone.

Despite these impressive numbers,there is no shortage“, clarified the spokesman, calling consumers to reason, to avoid”panic effectsor a rush at the gas pumps. “Everything is on the table to ensure that [ces difficultés] be absorbed“, he assured, pointing out that the State had “taken from strategic actions […] here and thereto power plants.

30% of Northern service stations impacted

To date, 12% of the tricolor stations”encounter difficulties in at least one type of fuel“, a figure that can vary according to the regions: in Hauts-de-France, it exceeds 30%, added the representative of the executive. For “Restore normality as soon as possible” in the north, “Today the so-called ‘strategic’ stocks were released to replenish service stations”announced in the afternoon the prefect of Hauts-de-France, in a press release.

The authorities have also asked the operators of certain stations in the north “to configure priority access” for “medical transport” doctors and nurses. The sale and purchase of fuel in drums and drums was also banned in the Nord, Pas de Calais and Somme regions. According to the prefecture of Pas-de-Calais, the situation is particularly difficult around Arras and Béthune.

Earlier in the day, the LR president of the Hauts-de-France region, Xavier Bertrand, was alarmed by the situation, in a letter to the government: “Drivers are having more and more difficulty finding stations, sometimes even in areas far from depots”pointed out, referring to “situations of shortage or long wait” in your region. “I ask the Government to quickly resolve this situation so that essential public services, such as schools and road transport, can circulate”he wrote.

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A race in the TotalEnergies stations

Started a few days ago, the strike affecting the oil tanks and refineries of the giant TotalEnergies continues to disrupt logistics networks. At the origin of the mobilization, the CGT demands important wage increases, to offset the losses caused by inflation.

The energy worker is also the victim of the success of his own operation for the return of power from the households: soucieux d’éviter une taxe sur les superprofits, le groupe a renforcé sa réduction sur le prix payé à la pompe jusqu’à la fin of the year. In front of the deputies of the flash mission in the “super profits“, the general director, Patrick Pouyanné, indicated that the first version of his discount in the prices at the pump, of 10 cents, led to a “training effectamong its competitors, as well as a jump in the volumes oftwenty%“. The reinforced version resulted in a “French fever in the seasons“with a bang in attendance”80%» the first week, an overwhelmed logistics system and long queues. “we have been overwhelmed“, summed up the leader.

At the moment, the successive discounts have cost your company about 171 million euros, a sum that will increase as long as the device remains active. “You tell us: You are making excessive profits on refining [en France]because we are using them to finance the operation of the sales“He launched the deputies.

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