PlayStation anniversary in France: these cult games that have marked history (FF 7, Gran Turismo, Tekken...)

PlayStation anniversary in France: these cult games that have marked history (FF 7, Gran Turismo, Tekken…)

game news PlayStation anniversary in France: these cult games that have marked history (FF 7, Gran Turismo, Tekken…)

The first PlayStation of the name celebrated its anniversary this week in France, and with it, it was an iconic video game brand that later landed in France. To remind us of this launch of a legendary console, we offer you a return to the great titles that have marked an entire generation.

Do you remember where you were and what you were doing on September 29, 1995? Some of you may have acquired the first game station. Sony’s first video game console did not take long to land in our country, just under 10 months after its initial launch in Japan in December 1994. To celebrate the somewhat special anniversary of what we call “PS1”, We invite you to (re)discover a selection of the great titles that marked the most successful fifth generation console, and who transformed the video game industry by imposing a strong and legendary brand. Racing, fighting, stealth, platforming, or even survival-horror and RPGs… there’s something for everyone on this legendary machine!


  • final fantasy VII
  • solid metal gear
  • grand tourer
  • Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
  • clash bandicoot 3
  • resident evil 2
  • tomb Raider
  • tekken 3
  • Spyro the Dragon
  • silent Hill
PlayStation anniversary in France: these cult games that have marked history (FF 7, Gran Turismo, Tekken...)

final fantasy VII

While Sony is famous for the power of its exclusive licenses, it’s a safe bet that the video game most instinctively associated with the first PlayStation is the new iteration of a license squaresoft born on competing machines. The legendary Final Fantasy VII was also a title originally planned for Nintendo 64, then whose project led to the Sony console. Starring Cloud Strife, this J-RPG is not necessarily the best in the series, nor the most unanimous among fans of the saga, however “FF7” is the first to finally be released in Europe and has contributed to the democratization of the genre outside of Japan and North America. No other installment in the series, which will celebrate its 35th anniversary later this year, has seen so many spin-offs and such an extended universe, and the incredible enthusiasm surrounding the Final Fantasy VII Remake project is there to remember. the cult status of FF7, the second best-selling game on the console with 10 million units sold.

Ahhhh, the great age of Konami and its legendary logo. If you didn’t know, know that during the heyday of the PlayStation, the Japanese publisher was one of those with the best reputation in the industry, chaining hit after hit (by the way, it is the one that will be the most successful in this selection ). Again, it is a non-exclusive license although closely associated with PlayStation, like the Japanese publisher, and born on the side of the competition in the 80’s. Metal Gear Solid is one of the greatest legends of its generation, dedicating the work of its great designer Hideo Kojima and taking the video game to an almost more cinematic dimension. 7 million sales will reward this stealth game that changed the landscape of video games and remains one of the greatest creations in history.

grand tourer

The PlayStation has recently blown out its 3 candles as it lands its first major technical slap. Gran Turismo, Sony’s flagship license for nearly a quarter of a century, impressed with its incredible intro sequence, unheard of on consoles at the time. Pioneer of automotive simulation with which many prestigious manufacturers are already associated, the first “GT” is a model of its kind and it will be the machine’s best-selling title, with nearly 11 million copies distributed worldwide. This is the oldest PlayStation license still in operation, and Sony has understood it well by worthily honoring its quarter century with the excellent Gran Turismo 7 recently, a worthy heir to this absolute myth of the PS1 and its time.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Another Konami masterpiece, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is one of those great must-play titles that spring to mind when you think of both the first PlayStation and retro gaming. Major game of the license according to some, second half in the origin of the concept of “metroidvania” according to others, This new episode of Castlevania is one of those titles that did not choose to follow the 3D trend, then in full swing. It must be said that 32-bit consoles like the PlayStation were the medium chosen to offer 2D titles with a very careful production, which Konami had integrated perfectly for once. Symphony of the Night is thus one of the rare console games that has aged much better than the others. Unfortunately, the commercial success was not as great as that of its predecessors… which does not prevent it from being acclaimed by the players.

clash bandicoot 3

It was not easy to choose between the three episodes of the first trilogy of naughty dog. Arguably PlayStation’s most prized studio of the last 15 years began with three top-tier platformers, but we chose to opt for Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped in this selection to dedicate all the work of the “Dogs”, perfectly synthesized in a very complete final part. Crazy and in a “cartoon” style that has aged quite well, the adventures of the marsupial made it the mascot of this first generation of PlayStation consoles, to the point of seeing fans constantly clamoring for his return after many years of missing out on episodes never quite as compelling as the PS1 trilogy. Crash Bandicoot 3 has sold just over 7 million copies and it remains one of the best platformers of its generation, and one of the few worthy competitors to Super Mario.

resident evil 2

The greatest survival horror franchise was born astride two consoles, including PlayStation, but it is its sequel that we have decided to highlight here. early 1998, Resident Evil 2 introduces a new character duo with Claire Redfield (younger sister of the previous installment’s hero) and Leon S. Kennedy, whose terrifying adventures we will continue in a Raccoon City plagued by terrifying events. This work contrasts radically with the first and will be distinguished by its multiple settings, the choice of the playable character from the beginning, but also a tumultuous development passed by a complete reboot at the hands of Hideki Kamiya, charismatic game designer behind Devil May Cry, Ōkami or Bayonetta (just that). It will also be the best-selling Resident Evil on the console, with 5.77 million copies.

tomb Raider

If Lara Croft is an icon, it’s largely thanks to PlayStation. Tomb Raider was released in 1996 on two simultaneous media, with the Saturnbut it is the Sony machine that gave it its pedigree. The famous heroine has revolutionized the action and adventure game taking us to the four corners of the world and especially by becoming the first female video game character to reach such a level of popularity. Highly associated with the success of the brand’s first console, Tomb Raider exceeded 7 million sales and was the starting point of a saga that still enjoys the affection of its fans. a quarter of a century after the first adventures of the famous explorer.

tekken 3

While fighting game fans have been betting on Street Fighter for many years, namco decided to hit PlayStation hard with its own fighting game license. Available in three episodes on Sony’s first console, it will somehow reach its apotheosis with the excellent (and mythical) Tekken 3, absolute synthesis of everything that the developer knew how to do best in his field in his time, between gorgeous graphics, high-end sound effects, and precise, polished gameplay. It will also be the 5th best-selling game on the console with 8.3 million units sold, which says a lot about the deserved success of this last part of the original trilogy.

Spyro the Dragon

While Crash Bandicoot wanted to play it cool and a bit more teenage, Sonic the Hedgehog style, the other PlayStation exclusive mascot looked to Super Mario and its huge success for more inspiration. Cuter and more approachable, Spyro the Dragon is one of those great PS1 classics that launched the career of a studio now owned by Sony, namely Insomniac Games (which later exploded with Ratchet & Clank and Marvel’s Spider-Man). If today it hurts a little in the head, its revolutionary 3D for the time having taken a hit from yesteryear, It was one of the best platform games of its time, with an adventure connotation that encouraged exploration for all audiences. The first part of the trilogy approached 5 million in sales.

silent Hill

We end this top 10 with another horror game, and yet another Konami game: Silent Hill, again and again exclusive to the first PlayStation for the moment, crystallizes the expectations of many video game enthusiasts eager to see at least one remake. More oriented to (psychological) horror than survival, and with much less action connotation than Resident Evil, this anthology title has marked the minds of all the players who have touched it, due to its particularly harrowing atmosphere and common to no other title of its kind. Although reserved for an informed public, the game that gave a new meaning to mist will continue to hit the 2 million copies mark, and it will establish itself as one of the most cult video games of its generation.

What has become of the PlayStation brand today? Embodied by the mighty PlayStation 5, Sony’s gaming division continues to regularly deliver very high-quality titles. Here’s our pick of the top five PlayStation console exclusives currently available on PS5:

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