La raffinerie ExxonMobil de Port-Jérôme-sur-Seine a été la première raffinerie à stopper la production contrainte par la grève (photo du 9 octobre)

LIVE – Fuel Shortage: Terminal Order Requisitions at Esso Depots

Posted on October 11, 2022 at 7:40 amUpdated on October 11, 2022 at 4:21 pm

The government is stepping up pressure on refinery strikers. Barely back from Algeria on Monday night, Elisabeth Borne summoned several ministers to a crisis meeting over fuel shortages now affecting almost a third of French service stations.

“The government cannot allow them to blockade the country,” Matignon warned. “Everyone has to take responsibility. The government will take its own. »

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15:24 – Terminal announces staff requisition to unlock Esso-Exxonmobil depots

Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne announced on Tuesday the requisition of personnel for the release of the fuel depots of the Esso-Exxonmobil group, where a salary agreement was signed on Monday between two union organizations, the majority at the group level but not of its refineries . “Social dialogue means moving forward once a majority has emerged. These are not minimum agreements. Management announcements are significant. Therefore, I asked the prefects to initiate, as permitted by law, the procedure for requisitioning the personnel essential for the operation of this company’s warehouses”, said Elisabeth Borne during questions to the government.

15:12 – Taxation of TotalEnergies superprofits will disappoint people

The government has tabled two amendments in the finance bill to involve energy companies. The exceptional taxation that affects refining will only contribute 200 million euros, according to what the Economy Minister said on Tuesday.

14:50 – LR deputies denounce the “shock”, the left defends the strike

The head of the deputies LR Olivier Marleix denounced on Tuesday the “shock” created by the fuel shortage, and considered that the Government should “put the sword in the kidneys of the oil tankers”, while the left-wing deputies defended the strikers. .

14:00 – Beirut asks TotalEnergies to start offshore exploration “immediately”

Lebanon asked the French group TotalEnergies on Tuesday to start “immediately” exploration drilling in its waters, after Israel announced an agreement between the two countries on the delimitation of their maritime border. The search for hydrocarbons in Lebanon has been paralyzed since 2020 due to the dispute with Israel over offshore deposits.

13:40 – Risk of shortage of food products

An association that brings together 120 refrigerated transport companies warned Tuesday against “breaks in food products for the French” if fuel shortages persist due to strikes. “The blockades of oil refineries in progress in the national territory confront companies that transport perishable goods […] to growing difficulties,” said the association

10:00 am – The strike at TotalEnergies is renewed

Government pressure was not enough. The strike at the TotalEnergies refineries is renewed, the CGT announced on Tuesday.

9:43 am – INSTRUCTIONS – What to do if you can’t go to work?

According to Camille Pradel, associate labor law attorney at the firm of the same name, no law governs the case in which an employee cannot go to work due to fuel shortages. The good faith of the worker is therefore fundamental in this type of situation.

9:38 am – Renewed strike at Esso-ExxonMobil

The CGT and FO have decided to resume the strike that affects the two French refineries of the Esso-ExxonMobil group, despite the signing of a majority agreement on wages by other unions, which they rejected, the CGT said.

“The movement was renewed this morning at 6 am, because it does not correspond to the demands of the striking workers who ask for purchasing power,” Christophe Aubert, central union representative of the CGT, explained to AFP. He indicated that the improvement of the proposal formulated by the management consists essentially of a bonus.

08:46 – The Mayor asks for the release of the deposits “in the coming hours or days”

As Olivier Véran did before him, Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire called for a quick release of refineries and fuel depots, also brandishing the specter of requisitions if the movement continues. “The time is more in terms of hours, in the limit of days, than weeks because it has lasted too long,” he told franceinfo.

8:00 am – The government will ask TotalEnergies to extend rebates

“We are in the process of asking, with the Ministry of Economy, with the Ministry of Energy, if we cannot, on Total’s side, ask that the bonus be extended for the few days that correspond to the moment in which the French could not benefit because they did not have access to fuel,” Transport Minister Clément Beaune told RMC.

7:50 am – Government threatens to “step in” to unlock deposits

Asked this Tuesday morning on RTL, the government spokesman Olivier Véran was very explicit. “The government calls for all lockdowns to be lifted without delay […], otherwise we might have to lift them,” he explained, assuming to put “healthy pressure on the actors.” The government is willing to “make requisitions if the situation warrants it, that is, reopen access to deposit centers and refineries and then requisition the appropriate personnel.”

“In Exxon a majority agreement has been found, there is no longer any reason for there to be any blockage,” he added. Judging also “excessive” the “preventive strike” underway in TotalEnergies.

7:00 am – DESCRIPTION – The weight of the CGT in the refineries

Historically, the CGT is very well established in refineries, although it has decreased slightly in recent years. In Donges, for example, the CFDT made a breakthrough in the last professional elections, winning 34.4% of the vote, compared to 41.8% for the CGT.

What to remember from Monday

> Votes in favor of extending the strike

Despite repeated calls from the government to negotiate wages and put an end to the blockades, the CGT renewed its strike movement on Monday due to a lack of agreement with the TotalEnergies leadership. The strike also continued at the two French Esso-ExxonMobil refineries.

> Implementation of various restrictive measures

On Monday night, the decrees of the prefectures of Var, Vaucluse and Alpes-de-Haute-Provence limited the sale of fuel to individuals to 30 liters.

> Release of strategic stocks and fuel imports

The government has released strategic fuel reserves and TotalEnergies is importing fuel to compensate for the closure of two of its three refineries. These measures “have made it possible to increase deliveries in areas with great difficulties: +50% in Ile-de-France, +35% in Hauts-de-France”, said the Minister for Energy Transition, Agnès Pannier-Runach. As of Monday night, 29.4% of gas stations were in difficulty nationally (vs. 29.7% as of 3 p.m. Sunday), she said.

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