Formula 1: Verstappen achieves his 14th victory of the season in Mexico, a record

Formula 1: Verstappen achieves his 14th victory of the season in Mexico, a record

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton applauds Red Bull driver Max Verstappen's victory at the Formula 1 Mexican Grand Prix in Mexico City on October 30, 2022.

Max Verstappen (Red Bull), already assured of his second world title, won a 14th in Mexico on Grand Prix in 2022, a record success in a single Formula 1 season.

Starting from pole position, the Dutchman was far ahead of the British Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) and the local of the stage, the other Red Bull of the Mexican Sergio Pérez, by 20me round of 22 in the circuit of the Rodríguez brothers.

“Max, congratulations, it’s a new record! » From the end of the race, rather a ride at 2,200 meters above sea level, Verstappen was congratulated by his boss, Christian Horner. “Fourteen wins, it’s unbelievable! »The two-time champion savored it, unstoppable, who finished 15 seconds ahead.

George Russell (Mercedes), part 2me but lapped from the first corners by his teammate Hamilton and by Pérez, he finished 4meahead of the Ferraris of Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc, who have performed poorly this weekend.

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Red Bull does it alone

Japan title lock two races ago, Verstappen won his 34thme victory at 25 is 6me the most prolific driver in F1 history and has Brazilian legend Ayrton Senna and his 41 successes in his sights.

Red Bull, which took the title among the constructors on Sunday in Austin, continues its solo journey. Unbeaten for nine races now with a last defeat on July 10 in Austria (Leclerc), he behaves better on the track than off, after being suspended for having exceeded the 2021 budget ceiling. The team has won 16 of the 20 races disputed, counting the two of Pérez. In front of a crowd conquered by his cause, Pérez would have liked to add a third.

transported by “Czech! Czech! » of his unleashed fans, especially in the deafening Foro Sol stadium, the Mexican couldn’t have done better. He consoles himself by overtaking Leclerc in lap 2me place in the general classification. On this weekend of festivities in Mexico City, before the day of the Dead, the celebration was thus almost complete for the 395,000 spectators who had come to fill the stands since Friday. Almost, because once again the race seemed like a long procession with Verstappen in the lead.

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In the list of victories during the same season, Verstappen now surpasses the Germans Michael Schumacher (2004) and Sebastian Vettel (2013), tied with 13 successes. In percentage of victories, on the other hand, “Schumi” remains the leader at the moment with 13 victories in 18 races. Therefore, it will be necessary to do the accounts at the end of the season to see who can hold on. ” Really “ the record.

Mercedes ahead of Ferrari

Verstappen, whose hunger for victories knows no bounds, still has two chances to shine: Brazil (November 13) and Abu Dhabi (November 20). In Mexico, as in the United States last week, it was his archenemy, reigning vice world champion Hamilton, who was the more serious, if remote, threat.

Hamilton couldn’t do anything. He was also unable to benefit from the arrival of a providential safety car, even after Fernando Alonso’s Alpino stalled at the end of the race, visibly very upset by this new reliability concern.

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The Briton only has two races left to save the honor, win a 104me victory and collect another famous record: winning at least once in 16 consecutive years. And there’s reason to believe so, given Mercedes’ improvements, in the process of supplanting Ferrari as the second force in the field.

What to project ahead of a new Red Bull-Mercedes match in 2023. And what to give headaches to the Ferrari management, which struggles to keep up the pace even if it clings to the 2me place in the ranking of manufacturers.

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