LoL: The community makes Yuumi "disappear" from the game and confirms the absolute failure of Riot

LoL: The community makes Yuumi “disappear” from the game and confirms the absolute failure of Riot

Since joining League of Legends, Yuumi has become the most hated champion in the community. The strange gameplay of this symbiotic character who spends much of the game hiding in her allies has become an obvious source of criticism for Riot Games. Her high damage or her ability to help teammates with healing and stat boosts is frustrating on its own. However, it is the aforementioned unique mechanic that tends to drive players to despair, who would rather see this cute kitty eliminated forever. Which, in practice, is already happening.

Yuumi, a failure for Riot Games?

The developers of League of Legends have explained it many times and the community has wanted to try it. Even in ranked matches, characters aren’t banned based on their power on Summoner’s Rift. Players tend to focus on banishing characters they hate and don’t want to fight because they’re too “boring”., following the trends of the professional game. However, even if it is not the most effective statistically, the rule has always been conditioned by the fact that a champion is more or less effective in the match. A situation that does not apply in Yuumi’s case.











Diamond 2+


So far in patch 12.20, 98,141 games have been played as Yuumi, and only 43.7% of them have been won. Despite this, and taking into account all the ranks in the game, she is among the ten most banned characters. This indicates that something is seriously wrong with the character. Going against the Cat increases our chances of winning, a trend that has been repeated since patch 12.16, where it received a severe nerf.. However, players would rather make life difficult than threaten it, giving up a greater chance of victory just to avoid having to face it.

The situation gets even worse as Yuumi gets more and more banished as we increase the rank we pay attention to. While in Bronze (42.7% of victories) he is only banned in 13.6% of matches, in Diamond 2 or more (42.9%) he disappears in 42.7% of cases. We’re just a few percentage points away from making her one of the first League of Legends champions with a higher ban rate than her win rate.. That’s probably the worst line you can say about a character who, by now, is a complete failure.

If this continues, Yuumi's block rate will exceed her win rate - League of Legends
If this continues, Yuumi’s block rate will exceed her win rate.

Fans of competitive League of Legends probably think that Yuumi is a great champion due to her presence and success at Worlds 2022. If they’re not mistaken, the truth is that there are several reasons why professionals choose to play it. The first is that she has very good synergy with Sivir and was only picked alongside her, which we can’t control during our ranks. She’s also one of the characters whose win rate improves the most with practice, and when you consider that pros practice the same champions for dozens of hours a week, it’s easier to see why you see her at this level.

Riot Games has promised big changes for Yuumi before the start of the next season. However, everything indicates that the situation will remain as dire for at least a few more patches. The situation is bad for everyone. Those who hate her must banish her from all their games or submit to play against her. Those who want to use her can’t for the simple fact that in almost half of the matches she just gets kicked out of the champion pool. One of the few outright flops in League of Legends history.


Riot Games’ in-game algorithm will detect toxic behavior and banish it on the spot. This will remove some toxicity on the League of Legends server as those summoners won’t be able to type for the rest of the game.

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