Employment: 4.5 million hires are expected in 2023, these are the professions that will hire the most

Employment: 4.5 million hires are expected in 2023, these are the professions that will hire the most

According to the employment barometer of the Adecco-Analytics group, more than 4.5 million hirings are expected in the next 12 months, starting on October 1, 2022. Here is the list of the sectors with the most hiring.

Recruits will rain down starting October 1, 2022 and for the next twelve months. According to the employment barometer of the Adecco-Analytics group published this Monday, the labor market forecasts the hiring of nearly 4.5 million people by 2023. In detail, 43% of the hirings, almost two million, will be made with contracts indefinite and 30% on fixed-term contracts. 20% will correspond to the temporary full-time equivalent and the remaining 7% to internships and apprenticeship contracts, specifies Franceinfo.

Most wanted professions

It is in the restoration, distribution, logistics, health, industry or even in the tertiary sector where hiring should be more numerous according to Adecco. Sectors that struggle to attract and that are still short of labor today. In total, about 17 sectors are under pressure, headed by “catering service”, “kitchen staff” and “technical-commercial relations”.

The barometer also details an index of “felt shortage”, referring to the sectors that urgently need to hire. Construction, computer activities and information services and logistics are the first to be affected.

  1. Catering service, 193,223 expected contracts;
  2. Purchases and preparation of orders, 190 757;
  3. kitchen staff, 163,682;
  4. Cleaning of premises, 138,785;
  5. versatile restaurant staff, 129,686;
  6. Technical-commercial relationship, 89,873;
  7. Driving long-distance freight transport, 82,512;
  8. Accounting, 81,940;
  9. Grocery sales, 78,212;
  10. Assistance with adults, 70 172;
  11. self-service shelves, 69,554;
  12. IT studies and developments, 67,989;
  13. Business assistance, 67 129;
  14. Operation of food production equipment, 66,501;
  15. Sale of clothing and personal accessories, 57,983;
  16. ATMs, 54,285;
  17. Surveillance and Private Security, 50,761;
  18. administrative operations, 49,852;
  19. Hygiene care, patient comfort, 46,624;
  20. Sale of decoration items and equipment for the home, 39 181.

regional inequalities

But, even according to the barometer, not all regions will be in the same boat when it comes to future recruitment. This wave of hiring will not offer the same opportunities in the territory. Therefore, the‘Ile de France it will be the first region to benefit from the hiring: there should be almost a million. Then comes theAuvergne-Rhône-Alpes (595,915 hires), the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (419,581) and New Aquitaine (402,925).

Occitanie should see the arrival of 373,000 new hires. A territorial distribution that corresponds more or less to the distribution of the French population.

Top 20 professions that will recruit

  1. Storage and preparation of orders, 170,539 contracts;
  2. Technical-commercial relationship, 112,624;
  3. Cleaning of premises, 109 391;
  4. Restaurant service, 107 807;
  5. Commercial assistance, 94 281;
  6. Computer studies and development, 81,971;
  7. kitchen staff, 63,376;
  8. Preparation of structural work and public works, 61,811;
  9. Assistance to adults, 58,243;
  10. self-service shelves, 57,306;
  11. Driving long-distance freight transport, 53,631;
  12. versatile restaurant staff, 51,683;
  13. Accounting, 50,075;
  14. Arboriculture and viticulture, 49,747;
  15. polyculture, livestock, 48,472;
  16. Food retail, 47,588;
  17. Surveillance and private security 42,220;
  18. Sale of clothing and personal accessories, 41,447;
  19. Operation of food production equipment, 38,262;
  20. Cashier staff, 37,907.

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