Dragonflight Season 1 Experimentation and Loot Approach Changes

Dragonflight Season 1 Experimentation and Loot Approach Changes

In an overnight post, Scariizard provides details on loot changes and visible experimentation in the Vault of Incarnations as the first tests approach on Thursday. This one focuses on raids only, more information on other high level activities like Mythic+ will be shared later.

group loot

  • In the Vault of Incarnations, group loot will be the only method of loot distribution. There is no personal loot selection option.
  • Some items, like profession components, will use personal loot when applicable.
  • Need/Greed is making a comeback, and the developers will be tracking feedback so that the rules for when and how players can roll on items are as intuitive as possible.

loot exchange

  • From the vault, all restrictions placed on trading between players in a group are completely removed. This means that even slight item level increases that are not buffs (as is often the case with rings and amulets, which have high secondary stats) will not lock for a character, even if the item is gained. .

Priorization object level

  • There is now a third item level tier for items, instead of two.
  • 389 is the base item level for Normal difficulty and will be available through Eranog, Prime Council, Sennarth, and Terros.
  • 395 is a new mid level (previously final bosses) that now exists for wing bosses: Dathae, Ascended, and Kurog Grimtotem.
  • 398 is reserved for the final bosses: Diurnal Broodkeeper and Raszageth, the Storm-Eater.
  • These item level increases stay within a 13 point gap for each difficulty “level”, meaning base heroics will start at 402, which is 4 points higher.

The developers have long observed that while players love the challenge of powerful wing bosses and “mid-tier” walls like Halandrus, Sludgefist, and Painsmith Raznal, it doesn’t make much sense when you defeat them you get the same team. like when you defeat Howlwing or similar bosses. The developers hope that with the introduction of these new reward tiers, progression through the Vault of Incarnations (and future raids) will increase as you master the internal encounters.

unique loot

Additionally, the developers are experimenting with a number of bosses that have an item that drops at a higher item level, usually +6 or +7 from the usual loot table. It is not ‘titanium forged’. You’ll have the same item level each time, and this piece will be a bit rarer to compensate for (and will appear in the dungeon log). These can be unique skins, items with special bonus effects, or powerful jewels that are sought after by many players.

The team hopes to accomplish several things with these:

  • Retaining the excitement of early bosses that groups tend to master very quickly and no longer presents a challenge when leveling up their loot tables.
  • Give more long-term goals to difficult encounters.
  • Do more so that the item level truly represents the power of a specific item.

Although the developers have added many powerful weapon effects in shadowlands, it was not easy to know the performance of these; for example, Night’s Edge (Sylvanas’ Dagger) was clearly stronger than the item level listed, but was identical in the loot table. The team hopes that by being more flexible with the level of items, they will have better tools to adjust these effects in a way that makes sense to all players. .

Currently, all 8 bosses are not planned to have them, but this may change in the future. Here are some examples of unique loot:

  • A couple of special rings through Eranog and Diurna.
  • An ‘Omni’ (Strength/Agility/Intelligence) trinket through the First Council that becomes more powerful with more copies.
  • A special arc through the Storm Incarnate itself, Raszageth.

These are the ones that exist and are being implemented (although the jewelry and FX adjustments are still in progress). That said, the developers would like to share some things that are not implemented. The latter will test them during an upcoming build for player feedback.

Tethered Items When Equipped

  • Regular non-boss enemies in raids will no longer have a chance to drop bound items when equipped. Instead, enemy ‘lieutenants’, called mini-bosses throughout the raid, will have a chance to drop them. You can only receive loot from these once per week, per difficulty.
  • LqEs items would scale based on group size like regular bosses. This guarantees a fixed number of LqE in each raid per group, in the case of a complete cleanup of the instance.
  • The largest objects would be present in the LqE table. Anything from weapons to high-tier item parts to make them more interesting to raiders.

The purpose of these changes is to reimagine LqE by making the raid environment itself a departure from the ninth boss, with a guaranteed amount of additional loot to reward raid progression or efficient clears without the need to kill all bats or ancellions in a corner of the battlefield. Additionally, this change has an opportunity to create clear and understandable rules for how LqE works and support them as a trusted source of gear that players are looking for, rather than players being left behind.

Feel free to share your feedback with the developers about these changes. More details will be provided in the coming weeks after the Caveau tests.

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