PS5 : la pénurie, c’est fini ! Voici à quoi s’attendre pour les stocks de PlayStation 5 et Xbox Series X

PS5: the shortage is over! Here’s what you can expect from PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X inventory

news hardware PS5: the shortage is over! Here’s what you can expect from PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X inventory

The “next gen” doesn’t have much of a “next” anymore since Xbox Series X and PS5 launched in the fall of 2020. Yes, we will be celebrating 2 years of PlayStation 5 very soon and the stock issues are still there… but not for much longer. We’re finally sticking our heads out of the water, here’s why.

Why has there been such a huge shortage of PS5 and Xbox Series X?

Let’s start with a reminder of the facts. If everyone realizes that it has been extremely difficult to get a PS5 without going through nefarious resellers for the last two years, the reasons for this painful situation are often unknown or little known.

The causes of such a large shortage can only be multifactorial. Any simplistic explanation based on “It’s COVID’s fault” for example, it would be too approximate. Beyond the health crisis, which has obviously played an important role in history, the global geopolitical context is tense.

PS5: the shortage is over!  Here's what you can expect from PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X inventory

More semiconductors for your PS5

Do you know what a semiconductor is? About the size of a grain of sand, this small electronic component is a concentrate of high technology.

Semiconductors are extremely complex and expensive to build. ; there are very few providers. Fun fact: the most expensive factory in the world belongs to TSMC, Taiwanese manufacturer and world leader in the semiconductor market. The manufacturing cost of the Fab 18 plant is estimated at 17,000 million euros.

Next-gen consoles are true little gaming PCs, which need state-of-the-art components. Technology is advancing rapidly and the demand for these components is skyrocketing, especially with the popularization of electric cars.

Supply can’t keep up and the giants like it TSMC you have to make a choice. tokens for tesla or apple They will always be a higher priority than those dedicated to game consoles, even if the order comes from titans like Sony and Microsoft.

Faced with supply problems, new factories are emerging that are increasingly cutting edge. Soon TSMC will even switch to 3 nanometer etching (great performance). All this takes time, and therefore the situation takes many years to resolve.

While everything seems to be in order, a new point of concern has just appeared: war. If the military situation in Taiwan gets out of hand, the tech world could suffer greatly.

PS5: the shortage is over!  Here's what you can expect from PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X inventory

Non-exhaustive list of causes leading to PS5 and Xbox Series X replenishment issues

Semiconductors are the crux of the matter. If this knot is so tight today, it’s because a lot of worries are pulling on the rope. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

  • Energy. You know as well as we do, the cost of energy is skyrocketing, whether it’s gas, electricity or oil. While the situation of French households can be largely attributed to the conflict on our continent, the energy stress actually takes longer than that of console manufacturers. Consequence: for 2 years, the costs of freight and raw materials have also skyrocketed. Producing in these conditions while maintaining profitability is quite complex.
  • Tensions between China and the United States. Donald Trump’s treatment of the Chinese has had far-reaching global repercussions. The first example that comes to mind is obviously huawei, a smartphone giant that was kicked out of Android. Almost all technology-related markets depend on Asia in general and China in particular. When some Chinese manufacturers begin to build up stock for themselves and relations with the West become more complicated, the impact is felt.
  • the pandemic. We are finally getting there. Of course, the health crisis has not helped. On the one hand, manufacturers had to slow down their activities in order to take the necessary measures. On the other hand, homebound households have begun to massively renew their equipment. Once again, demand overwhelmed supply.

The list could go on and on. For example, we are not talking about the massive influx of installations 5G that have cost the industry a lot of resources. Nor have we mentioned the rise of CRYPTOCURRENCIES and graphics card farms dedicated to mining. We haven’t even mentioned the strikes in factories or considerations ecological that come into play.

All this to tell you that this situation is eminently complex.

PS5: the shortage is over!  Here's what you can expect from PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X inventory

Towards a return to the PS5 stock for Christmas 2022?

The various analysts whose job it is precisely to take into account all the factors that we have just discussed have always been clear on the subject of PS5 and Xbox Series actions: there will be no return to normal before the end of 2022 or even 2023.

This long-awaited period is finally coming to an end and we are finally seeing many encouraging signs.

Yes, COVID is still there, but it no longer weighs heavily on the day-to-day life of the vast majority of people. Demand is beginning to calm down, both because prices are exploding, but also because millions of people have recently equipped themselves. In general, manufacturers are beginning to blow.

We see this concretely in various markets. For example, we can talk about graphics cards. Even a giant like Amazon, which is not specialized in the matter, sells Radeon RX 6700XT at €509. A price that has returned to normal for a card that, let us remember, is the direct competitor of the famous RTX 3070. During the last two years, nowhere has the slightest RX 6700 XT been found below €700.

PS5: the shortage is over!  Here's what you can expect from PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X inventory

As for consoles, the finding is just as encouraging.

Xbox Series X stock has been in as dire a state as PS5 since both consoles launched. Today, Microsoft’s machine, less popular in France than Sony’s, is available almost everywhere and all the time.

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As for the PS5, it is necessarily a bit more delicate, but everything is improving. Sony’s factories are running at full speed and we see them being replenished several times a week. Before the summer, these reruns lasted no more than a few minutes, sometimes a few seconds. We barely had time to launch a news to warn you of a return to stock that it was already too late.

Today, PS5 arrivals are not only more abundant, but also more durable than ever. It is no longer very rare to see consoles that remain on sale for several hours.

As usual, we invite you to check stock yourself, create customer accounts with the various resellers, and keep the tabs below open. All it takes is a little determination to get your hands on a PS5. If all goes well, there might even be some cattle to put under the tree.

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PS5: the shortage is over!  Here's what you can expect from PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X inventory

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