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Why you shouldn’t wash your eggs at all

did you know Many people clean their eggs after they buy them, but washing them would be a very bad idea.

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Do you want to make yourself an English breakfast with eggs? For that, you go to the supermarket or the local breeder. Back home, you wonder whether to wash the eggs to put them in the fridge (or not). It is true that clean them has become a widespread practice that would help in particular to prevent diseases egg or whatever toxic products, excrement chicken, etc. But is it really healthy wash the eggs ? According to a nutritionist, it would not be such a good idea.

Washing the eggs: good or bad idea? A nutritionist answers

Many households wash the eggs after they are collected or purchased. According to the nutritionist and doctor Dr Laurence PlumeyThere is clearly no need to clean the shells or whites of hard-boiled eggs. It would even be very not recommended according to the doctor.

“Eggs should not be washed, because washing the egg removes the protective cuticle which is on the surface of the egg (the shell is porouseditor’s note) and therefore, suddenly, we promote the penetration of germs inside the egg »explains the doctor.

wash eggs nutrition (1)

“The egg, therefore, must be as it is, place it either in the space provided in the corresponding refrigerator, or leave it in its box, but turning it over to make sure the tip of the egg is down and the large end of the egg up so the air chamber is up and the yolk is not compressed”she adds.

However, in the case of the egg many too dirty or sticky, it is still possible to wash the egg, but without water. We recommend the use of a brush with clean teeth, for example, to remove dirt from the shell. By brushing gently, there should be no worries.

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These other things to know about eggs (preservation, DLC, etc.)

You who love eggs now know that it is not recommended to wash eggs, but it is still possible with delicacy. here are others things to know about eggs :

  • egg storage : in the fridge or out? In fact, you can do both, but be careful, whether in the fridge or in ambient air, there are risks. Ideally, an egg should be stored away from light, air, moisture, and cool. So when you do too hot at home, it is not! In summer, for example, we forget about the ambient air. In fact, their eggs can rot due to the heat. In general, it is better put them in the fridge, in the tray provided for this purpose at 5°C. But that’s where the problem lies: if your eggs are contaminated with Salmonella, the latter runs the risk of spreading in your refrigerator. This is why some people avoid putting eggs in the fridge.
  • Can freeze eggs on the contrary ? According to Yves Nys, a researcher at the National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA), “If we freeze the eggs, the shells will burst. The only way to prevent the shell from bursting is to pierce the egg first or take the egg out and not keep the shell. In the same way, if you put an egg in the microwave, everything explodes.”.
  • Is it possible to consume eggs after Date of Expiry ? The answer is yes, if they have been properly preserved. In general, you can eat your eggs. up to 4 weeks after DLC. But beware, after this date, it is better to check that your eggs are still good before eating them.

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