Free, Bouygues, Orange... will the prices of boxes and mobile plans increase in 2023?

Free, Bouygues, Orange… will the prices of boxes and mobile plans increase in 2023?

The prices of telecom operators should experience upward trends next year. But not all. explanations.

During her recent visit to Montpellier, Fabienne Dulac, deputy CEO of Orange, the established telecommunications operator, made no secret of it. When she was asked if Orange was going to pass on the energy increases and raise its prices, she answered bluntly.

“MEAs a communication operator, we obviously consume energy in the electrical sense. As much as in 2022 we were able to absorb rising energy costs, in 2023 the question will arise.” And if he adds that he cannot, at the moment, answer it, he points out that, as for a “price increase”, “all operators and players do it”.

This is the dilemma faced by telecom operators in France. Like all businesses that bear the brunt of the cost of energy. “For 2023, there is currently no likely indicator to suggest that there will be a decline. The trend is rather upward,” he stresses. Fabien Charmetant, telecommunications product manager at Ariase, comparator of internet boxes and mobile plans. “Prices have been rising drastically for a month,” he adds, relying on the monthly barometer offered by the comparator.

“All the competitors have started to increase their prices”

The strategies are not yet officially decided on the side of the operators. “What we are going to try is to keep prices as acceptable as possible, but given the evolution of the cost of energy and that this is our first fuel oil, these are scenarios that we are seeing, for the moment they are not registered”, insists Fabienne Dulac. She adds: “Also, if you look, all the competitors have started raising their prices for some time now.” Rappelant that “France is characterized by the prix pratiqués les plus bas du marché, quasiment européens, voire mondiaux, de télécoms. Ça bénéficie aux Français, et c’est très bien pendant des années, mais ça ne sera sans doute pas possible dans the duration”.

According to Ariase, the curves have begun to reverse. Like the trends. “Last September, Bouygues Télécoms surprised us with an aggressive offer at €9.99 per month for an entry-level fiber box. And, surprisingly, the rest of the operators did not fight back, not with their usual behaviour” , He says Fabien Charmetant. So things started to change. “Since then, in fact, the operators have increased the prices of the boxes in turn, while last year we saw quite a few decreases.”

Free: stable prices for the next 5 years

Asked by Midi Libre, FRee announces a freeze on her rates. “We have not touched our prices on our 2 packages, the €2 and the €19.99, he says. It is recalled that on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Free Mobile, in January 2022, Xavier Niel has made a commitment not to touch the prices of these two packages for the next 5 years”. Will the commitment be kept? And can the efforts of the telecommunications troublemaker be assumed by the other actors?

“The price situation for mobile plans is exactly the same as for box prices. Except that there the price increase is more violent. Prices increased drastically for a month,” says Fabien Charming. He takes the behavior of Bouygues Télécoms and SFR offers since the beginning of the last school year. “With their offer B&You, from Bouygues Télécoms, and Red, from SFR, these two operators offered a €5 package with 5 gigabytes of data at the beginning of the school year. Today, for the same price, you only have 300 megabits. It is a way of encouraging their customers to choose a better package, and therefore more profitable”. According to the last offer observed by Ariase on October 24, Red’s for SFR took 4% for a two-year commitment. “It goes from €552 to €576 in total.”

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