Evian, Volvic, Mont Roucous: why have some mineral waters disappeared from supermarkets?

Evian, Volvic, Mont Roucous: why have some mineral waters disappeared from supermarkets?

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Several retail chains have seen certain brands of mineral water missing from their shelves for several weeks. There is no history of shortages due to lack of fuel or raw materials here.

Some consumers have noticed – and lamented – the absence for a few weeks on the mineral water shelves of certain brands well known to the French. We are talking here about Evian, Volvic, Mont Roucous, Badoit or even La Salvetat. For several of them, it’s just a few retail chains.

Bisbilles between purchasing center and seller

For the best-known brands on the list of these mineral waters that have disappeared from stores in some places, the reason for this absence lies in a disagreement between the seller, Danone, and the buyer, that is, the “Auxo Achats Alimentaires”, which manages the purchases of the supermarkets of the Intermarché and Géant Casino groups. Last August, the two parties did not agree on the new prices desired by Danone: a rise amounting to 22% according to the posters pasted on the shelves of some Intermarché stores.

The brands in question are called Evian, Volvic, Badoit, La Salvetat… But for Didier Duhaupand, president of the Les Mousquetaires (Intermarché) group, these price increases are exaggerated, as he explained last week on BFM Business. “We are also manufacturers, we have sources and we know the breakdown of the industrial price. We know the increase in the price of transport, we know the increase in the price of plastic and that knowledge makes us say that the requests that are made are not reasonable.”

Since these statements, the positions have not changed. And since Auxo’s purchasing center is common to Intermarché and Géant Casino, the two brands are affected by this “shortage” of mineral water, which will only be resolved when there is a price agreement.

The drought in question

For the Mont Roucous brand, whose prized mineral water for babies is bottled in the Tarn, in the Lacaune mountains, it is another story. In all the posters it happens that they are missing from the shelves, but the culprit is none other than the weather.

In response to consumers who were concerned about not finding Mont Roucous in their stores, brand representatives explained that it was the scorching summer drought of 2022 that led producers to “reduce” their bottling capacity “in order to preserve Mont Roucous”. Roucous long-term resource”.

On the official website, this welcome message is displayed: “More and more parents are choosing Mont Roucous for their little ones, and we thank them. The strong demand in recent months related to weather conditions has greatly reduced our stock “So deliveries to stores are less regular than usual. We are sorry for this situation, but rest assured that this is only temporary and soon you will be able to find your favorite water in the store again.”

Unfortunately, the weather conditions of recent months have forced us to reduce our bottling capacity in order to preserve the Mont Roucous resource in the long term. Deliveries to stores are then less regular.

– Mont Roucous Water (@EauMontRoucous) October 11, 2022

The brand also makes available to its customers a specific search engine that allows them to find “points of sale that have stock” near their home, through the “Where to find us” tab.

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