Savings customers will have discounts on their electricity bill

Savings customers will have discounts on their electricity bill

A news that will make people happy. Two of the main French electricity providers, TotalEnergies and Engie, intend to reward their customers’ sobriety this winter, an approach similar to certain contracts offered by EDF for several years.

These initiatives are amplified by fears of tensions in the network, given the gas supply problems and the difficulties that the French nuclear park is going through.

The hydrocarbon giant TotalEnergies announced this Wednesday a discount on bills that ranges between 30 and 120 euros for its customers who reduce their electricity consumption this winter, as part of the calls for energy sobriety.

Be the holder of an electricity contract with TotalEnergies since November 2021

“This reward, called Bonus Conso, is a bonus that ranges from 30 euros to 120 euros depending on the drop in consumption that the customer will achieve,” the company explains in a press release.

To benefit from it, customers must have an electricity contract with TotalEnergies since November 2021, be equipped with a Linky meter and not have changed accommodation since last winter. According to the company, this would affect “more than three million homes.”

Specifically, TotalEnergies will compare the consumption data of households between November 2022 and March 2023 with those of the same period of the previous year, without taking into account the “climate effect”, that is, the variations in temperature from one year to other.

“The amount of the bonus will be proportional to the reduction in consumption achieved by the customer” at the end of winter, from 30 euros for a 5% reduction in consumption to 120 euros for a 20% reduction. This amount will be deducted from April on the invoices of the clients in question. “This bonus is added to the savings made by the customer thanks to the reduction in their consumption,” TotalEnergies underlines in its press release.

At Engie, daily challenges

A similar approach to that announced in Engie, with the first “My Bonus Engie” campaign launched in mid-October with individual customers who have given their consent “to access their daily electricity consumption data and have declared their interest in participating in daily challenges on days when the power grid is strained.

“The daily challenge is to reduce your electricity consumption by x% with respect to your planned consumption, based on the customer’s consumption on the same day of the last three previous weeks (D-7, D-14 and D-21)”, he pointed. the operator.

“Between one and three days before that day, we launched a ‘My Bonus Engie’ challenge, which sets a consumption reduction target of between 10 and 20% depending on the weather and the needs of the network,” Marion Derrider explained to AFP. . -Blondel, Director of Marketing for Individuals at Engie France. According to her, the discount could reach between 5 and 10 euros per challenge.

In EDF, switch consumption to certain days

At EDF, the approach is a bit different, with contracts that allow electricity to be saved by shifting consumption to certain days (blue or white) rather than others (red) in existence for many years.

Tempo, which replaced a peak day load shedding offer, is an option of the regulated sales rate, defined by the public authorities and the Energy Regulation Commission (CRE) and marketed by EDF, in addition to the option of hours tip/out of tip.

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