Face aux trois refus des demandes de permis de construire pour l’agrandissement de son entreprise, Lucie Mauger-Jourdan préfère baisser les bras.

Cotentin. This organic dairy farm stops direct sales

Faced with three refusals of applications for building permits for the expansion of her business, Lucie Mauger-Jourdan prefers to give up.
Faced with three refusals of applications for building permits for the expansion of her business, Lucie Mauger-Jourdan prefers to give up. (© Véronique COUILLARD)

Bye butter, milk, cream, ice cream and other dairy products processed at the Antain farmorganic dairy farm, after refusal of the administration for the creation of a new construction of 200 m².

It indicated the chalet selling farm products, but, for a few days, the ice cream cone has disappeared:

“The administration must have been right about our adventure”explained Lucie Mauger-Jourdan, announcing to her loyal customers the closing of the activity of direct sale of farms which offered, for the most part, its famous field ice creambut also milk-based products: butter, rice pudding, cream, etc.

Buildings that have gotten too small

” It was seven years since we launched this activitybut now, thanks to our success, our laboratory as well as our Store He had become too small and more suitable for our work.

We have been fighting for three years, applying for three building permits for our expansion on the Saint-Come-du-Mont (Manche), or create a new laboratory, rebuild a new sales area for our products and those of our colleagues, as well as a “table service” area like in the Maison du biscuit for example, or a total building of 200 m²no positive results.

Indeed, we are diligent with the Law of Coasts and its interpretation by the instruction services. Our direct sale is not recognized as a necessary activity for the sustainability of the farm. as she represented 15% of our turnover.

It is the cat that bites its tail: we couldn’t take it anymore in the current conditions, the summer proved it to us with temperatures of 45° in the chalet. For ice cream, nothing good! To increase billing direct sale, we needed to improve our working conditions. In addition, they suggested thatset this building near the mud pit : You see a sales area next to a manure pit, right? And hygienic and sanitary conditions for our manufacturing laboratory! We walk on our heads. And if our project is affected by the law of the Coast, what will happen to the land of D-Day? “.

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“We Give Up”

Arguments and proposals that Lucie Mauger-Jourdan does not understand.

“It is not the custom of our family to give up, but now we can’t take it anymore and we give up. How disgusting you get involved in community life and so on, it makes you want to stay home. Added to this is an increase in raw materials and packaging that would be too large and difficult to transfer to our prices”

Lucie Mauger Jourdan

an activity that Gaec d’Antain had managed to develop and function well.

“He supported 2.5 people, not counting the Gaec partners who, at one time or another, participated in this part of the dairy. We will have wonderful memories of the pleasure of transforming our products, of meeting our customers, of sharing with local event organizers, of exchanges with our fellow merchants and local product manufacturers, a whole network! “.

Lucie Mauger Jourdan

The young entrepreneur returns fully to the vaqueo, which continues its activity with its 230 dairy cows, half of them Jersey cows.

“I will work differently and drive the tractor. The only positive side is that I will have more time to take care of my children. although, in a corner of my head, I have other projects. However, given the current situation and the behavior of people regarding food consumption, I will give them time. I would also like to thank all the people, and you will recognize yourself, who helped me, supported me, from near or far, in this 7-year adventure. Without them, nothing could have been done.”

From our correspondent Véronique COUILLARD

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