LIVE- Strasbourg-Rennes: Bretons continue their good run while Alsatians continue to sink

LIVE- Strasbourg-Rennes: Bretons continue their good run while Alsatians continue to sink

It’s over in the Meinau! Rennes wins

Éric Wattellier whistles the end of the match in Strasbourg. Rennais beat Strasbourg reduced to 10 from the 30th minute. In the standings, Rennes rises to fifth place while the Alsatians remain in 18th position.

Majer is warned

The Rennes midfielder gets a yellow card after a poorly controlled intervention.

four more minutes

The fourth referee announces four more minutes in this match.

Strasbourg ends well

Despite being outnumbered, Julien Stephan’s men finished well. This annoys Bruno Genesio on the edge of the field.

Good hit from Abline

Matthis Abline tries twice and on the second try, Matz Sels pushes back for a corner.

Bellegarde misses the target

It is Bellegarde who takes responsibility and is up for the environment of Strasbourg.

Kandil hits a good free kick

The free kick of hope for Strasbourg? Nordine Kandil eliminates Ugochukwu who is forced to commit a foul near the Rennes box.

gouiri comes out

The last scorer of Rennes makes way for Lorenz Assignon for the last minutes of this match.

Delaine’s head fails

The former Metz player sticks his head out but is out of frame.

Martin Terrier looks touched

The Rennes striker takes the ball out and goes to the ground. Bruno Genesio takes no chances and brings Matthis Abline.

row try luck

Karol Fila takes advantage of his opportunity from outside the area but Meling is on the path and against it. The Alsatians have not given up entirely.

New change at La Meinau

Julien Stephan makes a new change in this match with the entry of the young Nordine Kandil instead of Kevin Gameiro.

Meling and Doku make their entrance

Right after this goal, Bruno Genesio made a double substitution with the introduction of Meling in place of Truffert and Doku in place of Bourigeaud.

diallo transformations

Habib Diallo is in charge of converting the penalty and revives Strasbourg in his last 20 minutes.

Traoré commits a foul in the area

Hamari Traoré knocks down in his area and knocks down Gameiro who collapses. Éric Wattellier signals a penalty and points a yellow card to the Rennes captain.

What a stop from Salts

In a very pure Terrier recovery, Matz Sels makes an exceptional reflex stop.

Bellegarde’s beautiful strike

Jean-Ricner Bellegarde seizes his chance from afar and worries Steve Mandanda, who sees the ball end up just above their cages.

several changes

On the Rennais side, man of the match Arnaud Kalimuendo makes way for Lovro Majer. For the residents of Strasbourg, Lienard, Dagba and Prcic leave and are replaced by Delaine, Fila and Perrin.

Gouiri concludes a superb move

Rennes tiki taka ends up in the back of the net. Arnaud Kalimuendo shoots after his goal in the first half and Amine Gouiri shoots into the back of the net.

game time

It’s the hour mark at La Meinau and Rennes leads by two goals against a Strasbourg side reduced to 10. It’s hard to see the people of Strasbourg reversing the trend.

The post for Tait

After Terrier’s crossbar at the end of the first act, Flavien Tait also touches wood in this encounter with the post hit at the end of a good sequence by Rennes.

The RCSA on the edge of the precipice

Since returning from the locker room, Strasbourg have been in immense difficulty and Rennes’ second goal seems to have done a lot of damage to the Alascienses, reduced to 10 from the 30th minute.

Kalimuendo close to a double

Arnaud Kalimuendo arrives alone against Sels but the Strasbourg goalkeeper wins his duel and stops the dive of the former PSG player.

Terrier makes the break

Kalimuendo turns Martin Terrier into a decisive passer after his goal in the first half. Rennais takes the break just after the break.

Gouiri takes the lead

Amine Gouiri steps in with a cross from the right, but Djiku hits back.

A change at halftime

Julien Stephan makes a change at the break with the departure of Ibrahima Sissoko who is replaced by Habib Diarra.

Here we go again in La Meinau

Éric Wattellier kicks off the second half of this match between Strasbourg and Rennes. The Bretons lead thanks to Kalimuendo against Strasbourg reduced to 10.

End of the first period

This is the end of this first act in La Meinau. Rennes take the lead after a goal from Kalimuendo. Strasbourg is reduced to 10 since the exclusion of Nyamsi.

the terrier bar

After a fine combination by Rennes, the former Strasbourg player hit the Sels crossbar with a powerful shot.

two more minutes

The fourth referee indicates that there will be two more minutes in this first act.

Diallo’s magnificent sequence

Bellegarde center, Diallo controls in the area and continues with the return. Mandanda is on the trajectory and grabs the ball.

It’s hard for Strasbourg

Since the exclusion, the RCSA has been in great difficulty. Julien Stephan’s men leave a lot of space and fight to keep the ball.

Kalimuendo opens the scoring

What a goal from the former Parisian! Arnaud Kalimuendo controls, spins and volleys with his left foot to fool Sels.

Bourigeaud taken in the flu

The Meinau stadium shouts out to Benjamin Bourigeaud after the foul that caused Nyamsi’s red card.

Bourigeaud’s free kick ends in the wall

Just after Nyamsi’s foul, Bourigeaud takes the free kick but it ends up in the Strasbourg barrier.

Nyamsi is excluded

The Strasbourg defender is ruled out by a huge sole on Benjamin Bourigeaud after a Nyamsi clearance.

Djiku’s head goes over

Don’t worry about Steve Mandanda watching Djiku’s head pass over his cages.

What an entry from Traoré

As Bellegarde was about to seize his chance, Hamari Traoré made an excellent tackle at the feet of the Strasbourg center.

Rodon’s rescue

On a long, deep ball to Diallo, the Strasbourg striker plays with Rodon before scoring, but the Rennes defender comes back and saves his side. An offside position was then called.

Good sequence of Prcic

The Strasbourg midfielder controls and volleys from outside the box but Mandanda gets in the way and grabs the leather.

The goal is disallowed

After checking it out, it turns out that Kevin Gameiro was in an offside position when scoring. The goal is logically rejected.

Gameiro opens the scoring

Kevin Gameiro gives Strasbourg the lead after some excellent work by Bellegarde early in the action. Diallo misses his shot and it becomes a decisive pass for the former Parisian who pushes into the back of the net.

Truffert and Dagba engage in a great duel

Since the start of the game, the two full-backs have faced each other a lot and have put a lot of intensity into their duels.

Rennes has the ball

While we have been playing at La Meinau for 11 minutes, it is the Rennais who have possession of the ball. The people of Strasbourg seem a bit shy at the moment.

Terrier’s strike is too squashed.

Amine Gouiri recovers a ball in the middle of the Strasbourg field and displaces Martin Terrier who misses his shot. First great opportunity for Rennes.

Good intervention from Rodon

After a good transfer from Diallo to Gameiro, the Rennes defender made a superb tackle that prevented the former Parisian from appearing before Mandanda.

A first corner for Rennes

The Bretons get the first corner of the game after a cross from Tait is blocked.

The first hit of the game.

It was the Rennes captain, Hamari Traoré, who was the first to light a fuse in this match after a good gap from Gouiri. The Malian attempt is not framed.

Let’s go to La Meinau

The starting signal for this Strasbourg-Rennes has just been given by Éric Wattellier.

Both teams enter the field.

In a very pleasant atmosphere, the two formations make their entrance on the pitch of the Meinau stadium.

Start of the match in a quarter of an hour

In just under a quarter of an hour the second game of matchday 9 of Ligue 1 will begin.

Rennes is the black beast of the Alsatians

In Ligue 1, RCSA have often lost to Rennes. The Bretons have won 37 times against the Alsatians in the league.

The fighting spirit of Strasbourg

Since the start of the season, Strasbourg have been the team that has won the most games with 454 victories.

The composition of Rennes

Here is the composition of Rennes with Kalimuendo and Gouiri: Mandanda – Traoré, Rodon, Theate, Truffert – Ugochukwu, Tait – Bourigeaud, Tait Terrier – Gouiri, Kalimuendo

The composition of Strasbourg

Here is the composition of Strasbourg with the couple Gameiro and Diallo in attack: Sels – Djiku, Nyamsi, Le Marchand – Dagba, Bellegarde, Sissoko, Prcic, Liénard – Gameiro, Diallo

Good morning to all

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