Alerte info : ces bouteilles d'eau prévues pour être détruites ont été mises en vente, faites attention !

Information alert: these water bottles destined to be destroyed have been put up for sale, beware!

of our days, water bottles are not very popular anymore. For many, these objects are still synonymous with contamination or microplastics. Many therefore try to abandon the classic water bottles in favor reusable water bottles or filter jugs. However, some customers remain convinced of the benefits of spring water. they feel that this mineral water has health benefits, thanks to the minerals it contains. These days, however, a major still water brand is calling for caution. In fact, there are still some stocks, not suitable for sale. in spokes

Danone complains about these strange resurfacing water bottles

The Evan brand, owned by Danone, is still famous throughout the world. The famous water bottles are found in almost every country in the world. Y this product is a great success ! However, an error can happen quickly.

By early 2022, Danone had identified an anomaly in the production line. Therefore, to avoid running the slightest risk, the company has identified problem lotsto destroy them.

“Following an incident on our production line, batches of 50cl bottles of Evian natural mineral water destined for export that did not meet our quality standards were sent for destruction to a third-party service provider in January 2022.”

According to those responsible, they have taken all necessary measures to those evian water bottles It was destroyed. In addition, the company even resorted to a service provider to carry out this task in January 2022. And those responsible claim to have “received the destruction certificates corresponding to 100% of the batches in question.”

Risk products for sale in Marseille

However, Danone recently realized that water bottles still existed. In fact, they were not sent abroad. It seems that a person betrayed the company. Also, these lots could be illegally resold.

As a reminder, these are Evian water bottles, which have a Korean or Arabic language label. According to Danone, these defective batches appear for sale in convenience stores in Marseille. This strange case, therefore, led the company to file a complaint. “To understand what led to this unacceptable situation. »

For now, Danone has also alerted consumers. Also, if you’ve recently drunk or bought bottles of Evian water, with Arabic or Korean labels, there’s a toll-free number. the 0800 125 125 will put you in touch with Danone’s consumer service.

According to a source familiar with the matter, more than 1.4 million bottles of water would circulate in nature, not suitable for sale. In question ? a dishonest supplier. Highly paid by industrialists to destroy his waste, he would be content to resell this stock illegally. A scam that cost Danone millions of euros. And with those water bottles on the shelvesclient health also remains a major challenge.

Therefore, the company is doing everything necessary to clarify this matter. We hope that the evian brand, he will not lose his fame after such an incident. In fact, as water bottles become more and more old-fashioned, the brand must take care of its image. So that the company is still viable, it is absolutely necessary to have the confidence of the consumers.

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