Rugby World Cup: Remarkable in defence, Blues narrowly bow to England

Rugby World Cup: Remarkable in defence, Blues narrowly bow to England

Finished ! France bows with honors! (FRA 7-13 ENG)

Les Bleues will have shown remarkable resistance but they give in to the English favourites, who sign a 27th victory in a row! France will console itself with the defensive plus, thanks to the test of hope scored by Hermet. Next game next Saturday against Fiji (8:15 am).

England finish strong (FRA 7-13 ANG)

France is back on the defensive to finish this match. There is a defensive bonus point to defend, beyond the ever-cherished hope of victory.

Les Bleues at fault (FRA 7-13 ANG)

Nice operation for the English who recover a penalty and can win a touch on the 22-meter line of the French, a few minutes from the final whistle.

Scrum for England (FRA 7-13 ENG)

Very good push from the Frenchman, who however cannot get hold of the ball. England emerges at the foot.

The Hungry Blues (FRA 7-13 ENG)

Like a scraped ball in the English field, the XV of France gives everything in these last minutes of play, but a new clumsiness, a Menager forward, put an end to the action.

A lot of tension (FRA 7-13 ENG)

Botterman collides with several French women after a penalty obtained by France in a scrum. We found the touch at the English 22 yard.

France does not give up (FRA 7-13 ENG)

Les Bleues are no longer transferred and calm down, while England does not calm down completely. Obviously there is room for victory.

Les Bleues get the ball back (FRA 7-13 ANG)

New exemplary defense from France, who can win a scrum ball. There are ten good minutes left to register a converted try synonymous with victory.

Drouin transforms the test! (FRA 7-13 ENG)

On the right, Drouin hit a good shot to score two more points. France is still in the game!


Hermet revives the suspense! Taking advantage of the rebound, Grisez made the difference on the right before serving on the ground to Hermet, who found the opening to flatten in the English in-goal.

Scarratt adds three points (FRA 0-13 ENG)

The English striker does not miss the opportunity and transforms the penalty into the axis. England concretizes its domination, without taking off completely.

England again in the 22 meters (FRA 0-10 ANG)

France recovers and returns to defend very strongly. Even if a penalty is awarded. We were very close to the yellow card. Scarratt will take advantage of his chance against the posts.

Fall loses the ball (FRA 0-10 ENG)

Sochat’s shot is not secured by Fall, who leaves the ball to England in one touch. Rose’s XV again prevents a French game phase.

New scraped ball (FRA 0-10 ANG)

Despite enormous pressure from the XV de la Rose, France stood firm and came out of their field. With less than two attempts apart, anything is possible.

It’s getting hot! (FRA 0-10 ENG)

Small clash between Cockayne and Grisez in France’s in-goal, while England were still very close to flattening out. The Blues are doing, on the cable.

Les Bleues formidable in defense (FRA 0-10 ANG)

Despite another long phase of play in the last five metres, England failed to break through the final curtain. But you get a hit very close to the goal line.

France still penalized (FRA 0-10 ANG)

Despite a good defense, the ball is released by the French in their 22 meters. The XV de la Rosa pushes hard to seek refuge.

MacDonald Eats Space (FRA 0-10 ENG)

Taking advantage of a favorable rebound, the Englishwoman gained ground in the opposite field and allowed her team to settle down again.

Substitution for France (FRA 0-10 ENG)

Deshaye is replaced by Lindelauf.

Scrum for France (FRA 0-10 ENG)

In their field, the blues recover a free kick and can clear on touch.

Imprecise Sochat (FRA 0-10 ENG)

The Frenchwoman stupidly returns the ball on an incorrect touch shot. Les Bleues are still too clumsy to be able to hope to unlock their counter.

Penalty for France (FRA 0-10 ANG)

Hermet recovers a first penalty in midfield, the Blues find a small touch and launch a carried ball.

Start of the second part! (FRA 0-10 ENG)

Here we go again in this Crunch, England commit to 10 points up front!

Part time in Whangarei! (FRA 0-10 ENG)

The XV of France is logically led by England in breaking this Crunch! Scarratt scored the only try of that first half, before converting it and scoring a penalty just before the buzzer.

Stop by Scarratt! (FRA 0-10 ENG)

England take off just before half-time in this easily converted penalty!

France on the defensive (FRA 0-7 ENG)

New long phase of the game for England, which earns a new penalty on the axis and finally chooses to take the points instead of staying on the sidelines.

Great progress for the English (FRA 0-7 ANG)

They recover a penalty in the French field with a very nice move, by Vernier’s reverse entry.

Excellent touch found by Harrison (FRA 0-7 ANG)

France has a shot to secure very close to their five meters. The ball is kept correctly.

Drouin plays fast (FRA 0-7 ENG)

The Frenchwoman keeps the ball after breaking her arm in the scrum. In the process, she misses her kick and hits directly on touch.

Les Bleues can breathe (FRA 0-7 ANG)

Filopon wins a penalty on the ground in his 22 meters and ends the long English possession.

The game stops (FRA 0-7 ENG)

The XV de la Rosa has the touch to play in the French field, while Deshaye is being treated in the face.

Clumsy Drouin (FRA 0-7 ENG)

The French makes a lead in her field on a ball that seemed affordable. Scrum to follow, introduction from England.

France on the attack again (FRA 0-7 ANG)

Les Bleues return to the attack after suffering for long minutes. England make a save and find the bunt.

Scarratt converts his try (FRA 0-7 ENG)

Slightly shifted to the right, she finds the opening with ease and allows her team to score their first 7 points.


The English finally dub the Blues! Scarratt takes advantage of a cross to break the defense and crush in in-goal.

The XV de la Rosa becomes strong (FRA 0-0 ANG)

England are in the French 5m, the event is very close while there is a lead going!

Penalty for England (FRA 0-0 ANG)

A touch is found, the English can start a new ball carried. Les Bleues are on the defensive but quickly recover a penalty.

Huge defense of France! (FRA 0-0 ENG)

As England crosses the line, the Blues narrowly escape and will be able to restart from their in-goal. Deshaye is neat but can keep her place.

Another injury for France (FRA 0-0 ANG)

Therefore, the Menager must give up his place in turn. Hermet temporarily fills in for her, pending the outcome of the concussion protocol.

Menager KO (FRA 0-0 ING)

The Frenchwoman is attended by the medical team after missing a tackle. Play is paused again while a concussion protocol is in progress.

England near the line (FRA 0-0 ANG)

The English raise their voices and gain ground in the opposite field. They recover a penalty in the 22 meters.

English possession (FRA 0-0 ENG)

The XV de la Rose works the French defense and finally gets a penalty at 40 meters. Les Bleues are holding up well at the moment.

Sansus can’t keep his place (FRA 0-0 ENG)

Bourdon replaces her and leaves the field in a cart. First hit for the Blues.

Rowland recovers the ball (FRA 0-0 ENG)

France does not find the fault in its possession and loses the ball. Sansus stays on the ground and heals. The clock is stopped.

France advance (FRA 0-0 ENG)

By getting a new penalty, the Blues find a touch on the 22-meter line and can in turn progress on a carried ball.

Great Blues defense (FRA 0-0 ANG)

Menager wins a penalty in his 22 meters to relieve his defense, after a long English possession. The key is found.

Penalty for England (FRA 0-0 ANG)

The English are rewarded for their breakthrough by earning a French offside penalty. They will be able to insist on the opposite field.

Sailing Sansus (FRA 0-0 ENG)

Grisez commits the striker in the English field and returns the ball to his turn. Balanced start of the game.

Les Bleues at fault (FRA 0-0 ANG)

After settling in the opposite field, the XV of France is sanctioned for a ball held on the ground by Mayans. The XV de la Rosa hits the key.

First scrum for England (FRA 0-0 ANG)

In two halves, the English recover a foul in their field. The ball is returned directly to Les Bleues, who then earn a penalty.

Let’s go for this Crunch!

The starting signal for this clash is given by Blue, good game everyone!

Imminent start of the game.

In a Maori setting, the two teams emerge from the tunnel and onto the pitch at Whangarei Stadium. Place for hymns.

Les Bleues want to “put a grain of sand” in the English machine

The XV of France faces the English ogre for their second game of the Women’s World Cup. A meeting that the third line Marjorie Mayans and the hooker Agathe Sochat approach with serenity.

Two changes in the XV del Azul

Thomas Darracq, coach of the France Women’s XV, made two changes to the team composition to face England in Whangarei in the second World Cup group match. Céline Ferer will once again be captain in place of Gaëlle Hermet, on the bench, while hooker Agathe Sochat returns to her position.

How the XV of the rose became an ogre

This Saturday at 9 in the morning, the women’s XV of France will challenge England, their historic rival, in the group stage of the Women’s World Cup. Undefeated for 26 games, a series never seen before in women or men, the Red Roses are the big favorites in this competition.

>> We explain why here

Good morning to all !

The women’s XV of France is approaching its second match of the group stage of the World Cup, this Saturday, against the great favorites England, who had deprived them of the VI Tournament in spring. A scheduled clash in Whangarei (New Zealand) starting at 9 am

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