The most popular and least played classes, specializations and races in WoW

The most popular and least played classes, specializations and races in WoW

Yesterday I told you about the population of the Francophone realms in World of Warcraft. Today I will talk about the most popular classes, specializations and races among European WoW players, but also those that, on the contrary, are the least selected by users.

1. Class classification

With 12 classes available, players have more than enough options to choose which avatar they will play as in Azeroth. In this little game, the Druid is the most popular class with 11.84% of the characters in Europe. That is twice as much as the Thief, which is in last place with 6.13%.

Three classes are also above 10%, namely the druid, paladin, and hunter. That said, we’re on a pretty good balance, with no class being clearly above the others. On the contrary, there is no such thing as a totally abandoned class.

  1. Druid
  2. Paladin
  3. Hunter
  4. Wizard
  5. Shaman
  6. Warrior
  7. demon Hunter
  8. Priest
  9. Death Knight
  10. Sorcerer
  11. Monk
  12. Thief

2. Most popular specializations

We find the Druid in the lead again with his Balance specialization. Behind, the Hunter manages to place two specs in the top four. It should also be noted that the Monk, although penultimate in terms of classes, still manages to place in 10th position with his Windwalker specialization.

Coincidentally, these ten specs represent over 44% of WoW characters in Europe.

  1. Balance Druid
  2. precision hunter
  3. Demon Hunter’s Rampage
  4. Beast Hunter Domain
  5. Paladin’s Retribution
  6. shadow priest
  7. fire mage
  8. Fury Warrior
  9. elemental shaman
  10. Windwalker Monk

3. Less played specializations

We go to the other side of the ranking with the least appreciated specifications. The Survival Hunter comes in last with only 0.56% of the characters. He is ten times less than the Balance Druid. Right in front of him is Demonology Warlock. However, we could have expected to see him much higher since he is currently a Doom Raid DPS spec.

These ten specs represent 14.15% of WoW characters in Europe. It should also be noted, for the record, that the Death Knight is not present in either the Top 10 or the Flop 10 of specs.

  1. hunter survival
  2. Warlock Demonology
  3. Mistweaver Monk
  4. wild druid
  5. arcane mage
  6. protection warrior
  7. Brewmaster Monk
  8. murderous thief
  9. holy priest
  10. Enhancement Shaman

4. Classification of races

One thing is for sure: elves are essential in WoW. If we combine all the Elves, we end up with no less than 33% of the population, or one in three characters in play! It is quite the opposite for the small sized breeds since the Dwarfs are very far away. The Gnomes are a particularly neglected race as the original race is in 20th place and the allied race Mechagnome is… last.

The first Allied Race is the Zandalari Troll. Arriving with Battle for Azeroth, we found it in the Top 10, which is a good performance.

The top ten classes account for nearly 77% of European characters. If you want to be a bit original, choose among the last ten that add up to only 15.37% of the avatars.

Position Race Percentage of population
1 blood elf 19.86%
two Elf of the night 9.94%
3 orc 9.67%
4 Human 9.18%
5 Troll 7.17%
6 tauren 5.29%
7 Undead 5.04%
8 Zandalari Troll 4.31%
9 empty goblin 3.55%
10 vulpera 2.82%
eleven Draenei 2.73%
12 pandaren 2.70%
13 Orc Mag’har 2.36%
14 nightborne 2.24%
fifteen Elf 2.00%
sixteen worgen 1.91%
17 Dwarf 1.90%
18 Highmountain Tauren 1.64%
19 Dark Iron Dwarf 1.59%
twenty Gnome 1.46%
twenty-one Lightforged Draenei 1.15%
22 Kul Tiran 0.90%
23 mechagnome 0.58%

The above statistics are taken from the site. WoWanalytica.

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