Juventus: the reasons to keep Massimiliano Allegri

Champions League: the Italian press murders Massimiliano Allegri and Juventus

What’s next after this announcement?

The old woman is dead. Last night, Juventus played big in the Champions League. Third in Group H with 3 points before kick-off, the Bianconeri had to beat Benfica (co-leader with 8 points) to stay alive. But the Italians fell from above. Despite a crazy match finish, they lost 4-3 and bid farewell to C1. A terrible humiliation for the Vecchia Signora, who has chained disappointments in recent seasons. In fact, Juve were eliminated in the round of 16 by Ajax in 2018-19, OL in 2019-20, Porto in 2020-21 and Villarreal in 2021-22.

This year, the Turinese will not reach this stage of the competition. After the match, Massimiliano Allegri, singled out and singled out as being responsible for Juve’s bad pass (8th in Serie A), commented: “It is an elimination that was born before, but tonight we had to stay in the game. Although we had a bad first half, we thought we could do poorly. Instead, the project failed.”. Moved, the Italian coach then spoke about the remainder of the season for his team.

Allegri assumes failure

“We have to take this elimination that hurts a lot. Now we have to think about the championship and catch up. It is necessary to recover mental and physical energies. Let’s turn this elimination into rage. The elimination does not happen tonight, but before. We have to start again tomorrow to think about the championship, then we’ll think about the last game of the group stage against PSG. A complicated match arrives in Lecce. Can the Europa League become a goal? We have to qualify now.” This is not yet assured as Juve will host Paris, who will want to finish in style on November 2.

For its part, Maccabi Haifa, which has 3 points like the Bianconeri, will host Benfica. Therefore, everything will be decided on the last day for the Old Woman, who could still lose a lot. However, even a C3 rating will not console the very expensive Turin team. This Wednesday morning, Italy wakes up with a hangover. The transalpine press does not skimp on the club chaired by Andrea Agnelli, who will also have to manage a new scandal in parallel. “juve mortified“, titles the Gazzetta dello Sport. The pink paper post then added more scathing comments about the old lady.

The Italian press carves Juve

“A resounding failure. Without game and without soul, the Bianconeri were already at their peak in October (…) If this was not a humiliation like in Israel, it is only because three youngsters born in 2003 saved Juve’s dignity in a few minutes. Lisbon’s 4-3 seems honorable but the course of the game was not until 75 minutes, until the entry of Miretti, Soule and Iling. In short, the departure of Allegri’s team in the Champions League continues to be catastrophic. It’s a bankruptcy. In five games, they have lost four times, losing to phenomenal teams like PSG, strong ones like Benfica (twice), modest ones like Maccabi Haifa (who won Sevens in France). The bianconeri have already left the cup that is better: to mortify”.

tuttosport He also approached the Piedmontese. The Italian media, speaking of a “nightmare”, said: “The Champions League ended yesterday for Juventus, taking with it 25 million euros of lost profits and the dignity of a team that has humiliated the love of millions of tifosi. A team that, between its squad and its coach, costs 175 million euros and only has 3 points in 4 games.. the Corriere dello Sport also fell. “Juve, goodbye Champions”titled the Italian medium that later evoked the discontent of the fans who claim the head of Massimiliano Allegri.

The fans want the coach’s skin

“Frustration, anger and a scapegoat that seems to have been identified in Massimiliano Allegri. After the defeat in the Benfica field, which cost Juve the elimination of the Champions League in group H, for the coach the “trial” begins on social networks, where the revolt of the Juventus fans is staged . The latter have also used the hashtag #AllegriOut. But firing him would be expensive for Juve, who have no means and only keep him this season according to the gazette.

Allegri has also been subtly criticized by Fabio Capello on Italian television. “I am sad because Juve gave everything against the rivals who dominated the match. full domain. A shame because in the last 20 minutes we saw the game that could have been different. Even Juve could have drawn, there was so much desire to play and that is the biggest regret. Badly beaten, 4-3 was an aspirin. Juve always play low tempo and only win games when they have higher quality players than their opponent. However, if the level was similar or lower, defeat occurs. This thing needs to be changed.”. Other things also have to change for the Crone to offer herself a return to grace.

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