Lorient - Reims: Les Hakes inhibited by what is at stake and deprived of first place, the match to relive live

Lorient – Reims: Les Hakes inhibited by what is at stake and deprived of first place, the match to relive live

18:51: END!!!!!!! After seven wins in a row and while the scenario of the match seemed favorable to them, Lorient hit the rug a bit, probably a bit inhibited by the prospect of going to Paris. He is still a 26th point in the bag and a safe place on the podium. The Rémois put on a very good game and almost deserve better, even at ten. Bye everyone, see you tomorrow with a great day of lives on the show!

91 : He still leaves it to Grbic who lights the wall… That’s where it will end and it won’t be stolen for Reims


Agbadou who gets carried away by his momentum and knocks Ouattara into the air. Nothing to say about this. And Le Fée has a match point on the toe

88 : THE GREAT BALOGUN BRIDGE !!! Nice try, but the dribble is a bit long and Mvogo has time to get to his feet. Mustoir’s crowd is pressing but clearly his team is missing out today

85 : Five minutes to play and we’re headed for a little disappointment for the disciples of the great guru Le Bris. They will no longer have 36 chances to be leaders of the L1 at this point in the season, which never happened even in the best years with Christian Gourcuff

82 : On fire Father Zeneli. Double contact in the area, a pity that Ponceau came to close the entrance gate. Be careful not to get too excited anyway, the residents of Lorient are just waiting for a transition to hurt.


The internal turn of the Swede who drives once he has closed his foot at the near post. Mvogo is attentive to relax and clarify the point. But clearly Reims deserves one point tonight, if not three.

75 : As there is not much to do between Rémois, a little tired, and Lorientais, too stressed by what is at stake, I take this opportunity to suggest a short reading at the final whistle.

72 : Popopopopo the great danger full axis. Ouattara snatches another wonderfully placed free kick for Enzo Juninho Le Fée… Oh no, it’s Grbic and he’s a bit messed up; my fault


What a first-intention blow from the Reims striker. Wrapping up the second post, I can tell you that Mvogo had a huge chill behind the spine. The post almost shook.

68: I only partially agree. Apart from Lyon, all the big players are in the top 5 (PSG, Monaco, OM, Rennes). And furthermore, we see that Rennes in C2 and OM in C1 are increasingly competitive in Europe due to their regularity


The Reims goalkeeper fails on his way out, behind him he is spotlighted by Le Bris junior but manages to control the ball a bit like Barthez against Ronaldo in 98 (yes, I’m totally exaggerating)

62 : Well, you believe me, you don’t believe me, but I find the Rémois upstairs, since they are outnumbered. Exits of pressurized balls, possession phases, poisonous centers, it is clean. The habit of meeting at ten maybe

59 : You have to hit Zeneli there, he likes to see himself dribbling, but he struggles to make the decisive move for the Swedish winger from Stade de Reims.

57 : Lol I don’t see Lorient often enough, so I learn that the public defends their team in the 56th minute, like the Morbihan department. obviously i like it

55: So there is no premature ignition either. It will be very difficult to see Europe next year for the people of Lorient, even if Lyon or Nice never come back. Let’s take advantage of what they are achieving in this first third of the championship

53 : The referee I’m not really there. He wears a very severe red and there he forgets a Doumbia entry at the surface entrance. The Fairy had achieved a small bridge… yum yum

50: I agree that we have no right to snub 3/4 of the teams on the pretext that they don’t finish on the podium. My real Division 1 from the 2000s is Sedan Le Mans.


It’s definitely a dirty habit for the people of Reims to finish at ten every other weekend. It is again Ouattara who causes Loppy to be penalized in the first action after the break. From memory the first yellow was a bit severe

17:49: HALF TIME! It ends with another golden ball from Le Fee in the area, from Juninho in the text. It is miraculously cleansed by Gravel, the elder of the house. It’s 0-0, Lorient is still not the leader of L1 at the moment

Four. Five : I was mean to MUnestsi, who must have felt something behind his thigh. Doumbia will replace him without waiting for the rest. Last good free kick after another foul caused by Ouattara

45th: So we’re not just about football, or you don’t read us often! Also, just yesterday we had a journalist at the World Cycling Championships. But there are weeks when he sends the news. And this week, between the arrival of Blanc, the psychodrama of Mbappé, the C1, the classic… well, what would you like us to talk about?

44: Think again, 20 minute lives attract a lot of people. And yet, we are talking about a team that can take first place, so there is no doubt!

43 : I’ve been wondering for a while, from what year will it be an old joke to change Bradely Locko’s name to Patrice Loko? Maybe it already is? enlighten me

39 : Extraordinary Munetsi who gives us the blow of the fault after having miserably crushed his dribbling in a dangerous overflow. The famous “I-got-the-kick-but-it-seems-that-I-fucked-you-you-know”. he is not our boy

35 : Much more balanced match since Moffi’s turn. The powerful Reims midfielder is starting to cause chaos, even if Belogun feels too lonely up front to generate much excitement in the Mvogo box.

32 : Koné claims a penalty in a not very clear duel. Nothing to whistle the referee and I quite agree with him. In slow motion? 100% legal small stroller

29 : Clockwork Orange got a bit of a bump on the head with the release of Moffi. The Rémois would do well not to take advantage because it may not last for hours.


Moment of hesitation in the Lorient area, Gravillon manages to touch Munetsi in the six meters, to wonder how the Reims midfielder manages to put her up, although there is a small vicious rebound just before

24: big blow for Lorient. Moffi forced out of his spot, his ankle sprained just now in receiving an aerial snap. Le Bris’ nine is very disappointed and consoled by his entire bench. It is Koné who replaces him

22 : It’s been a little less bright on the hake side for five minutes. A break before the next Breton shower in the Diouf area?

18 : Finally a reaction from Reims, with Zeneli having already had a good fight last week against Paris. His cross is hurriedly cleared, and the next corner results in an offensive foul.


Wave of Lorient on wave of Lorient, it is BArça DDE color on the Moustoir lawn. I don’t see the Rémois holding up for long at this rate

12 : Well, not much about Ouattara but the referee takes the direction of the action that seemed to indicate a big foul by the Reims defender. Diouf misses the start of it a bit but Ouattara himself can’t straighten his head

9: Ouuuuuh limit too collective there the Cathline! He had found himself alone at the far post in a cross but preferred to head it, full axis, to Moffi, who was countered. There was room for a chest punch control sequence for the former Guingampais.

6th : Today we don’t feel mega serene in Reims. Some players, including Ballgun, admitted that Garcia’s firing surprised them. Difficult in these conditions to revive, especially against Manchester City of 56.

2nd: Lorient’s double chance after two minutes of play was annulled for offside. But that sets the tone, the boys have lived up to their reputation since the start of the season: everything!

1st: Come on, the starting gun is given by Lorientais.

16:54 : I’ll scream into a pillow and come back for kickoff.

16:53 : And here’s the XI for interim coach William Still, who replaces Oscar Garcia, who was fired this week.

16:51 : Speaking of Le Bris, I recommend this great portrait of the coach of the future (and his working methods) by Jérémy Laugier.

16:49 : The composition of Hake in 4-2-3-1. Note the return of Dango Ouattara. For his part, the former Guingampais Cathline was preferred to Diarra.

4:46 pm: Hello Minutes, hello Minutes! I hope you are well, better than me at least. I suffer from a very severe toothache. I’m going to take the start of this direct until I hand over to Julien, my savior.

Coming to Moustoir is never a guarantee of pleasure for the opponents of Les Merlus this season, but it is for anyone who loves football and the beautiful game, as long as they don’t support the opposing team. And again… So it is with undisguised pleasure that we are going to sit on the sofa this afternoon to follow this match between FC Lorient and Reims. Especially since, if successful, Pep Le Bris’s men can put a lot of pressure on PSG ahead of Sunday’s Clasico against OM.

>> See you at 4:45 am friends

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