"I would have triumphed at OM", Boutobba reviews his departure from Marseille

“I would have triumphed at OM”, Boutobba reviews his departure from Marseille

In an interview with L’Équipe, Niort striker Bilal Boutobba talks about his departure from OM in 2016 at the age of 17. He also remembers his lost experience in Seville, where he never played for the first team.

“The only thing I regret is having listened to certain people (…), bad people.” Six years after his departure from OM in the skin of a future nugget, Bilal Boutobba talks about the club that formed him in the columns of L’Équipe. Today in Ligue 2, at Niort, he says that he was able to succeed at Marseille, where he only played three finals before signing for Sevilla.

“Before OM was complicated, you have to say what it is, he thinks about the club that Vincent Labrune then chaired. It was not like now with a president like Longoria who knows football. There is stability there. We feel that training is valued. and that can become the center of the project”.

“Maybe people used the Marseille situation to make me leave”

According to him, leaving Provence was therefore not a good thing. “I think I would have succeeded at OM, assures the right winger. I was one of the best youngsters in the club. Among the youngsters, I was the spoiled one. So, on the pitch, I am convinced that I could have launched my career there (. ..) I would have handled the pressure. Later, yes, maybe people used the Marseille situation to make me leave. But, yes, that’s my story. Not all advice is good to learn for the future “.

In the summer of 2016, Boutobba decided to sign for Sevilla FC instead of signing a first professional contract with OM. An election that will not have been worth it, since he only met the subsidiary during his two seasons. “In Seville I had no patience,” he acknowledges. OMG, I don’t regret it. It really is Sevilla FC that I regret the most. There he had everything to succeed. I signed a four-year contract. with reservations. But in Spain, the reserves are like Ligue 2. He didn’t want to listen to the coach, Diego Martínez. He said: ‘Once, two, three, if you don’t want to listen to me anymore’ I’ll put you on the bench ‘I did what I wanted on the court, and I didn’t understand that he wanted to make me progress. That was the first year. And the second, I didn’t want to go back there, I did anything. I was young…”

“I didn’t understand anything that they wanted to prepare me to become a real LaLiga player”

Now 24 years old, the player is convinced that he could have won in Spain. “I could have reached the third or last year of my contract, he breathes. He would have had more playing time in the first team, and we know that from there it can go very quickly. Sevilla is an extraordinary springboard. for the big clubs.

“When I arrived in Seville I did the preparation with the first team, he continues his career in Andalusia. Then they sent me with the reservation. That’s when I started to get angry. I did not understand. leave OM where I was with the professional group to find myself in the Spanish reserve. I did not understand anything that they wanted to prepare me to become a true LaLiga player. I saw it as a repeat. That’s when I started to get in a bad mood… The coach warned me several times, and he ended up pushing me. This attitude, that’s what I regret the most. I was a coach coach, I missed my chance. I thought he didn’t like me and he didn’t want to play with me.”

“The only person responsible for this failure is me”

Until his departure to Montpellier in 2018, the former under-19 international with France played 33 games with the Sevilla subsidiary, without managing to score or provide an assist. “I can only blame myself,” he admits. The only one responsible for this failure is me! It served me as experience, now I would know what to do. I changed my behavior. Let’s just say I’m not someone who creates trouble. in a group. I stayed in my corner sulking and showing my discontent. That is what cost me dearly in Spain.”

This season, after two full years in Ligue 2, he already has 6 goals and 2 assists with Chamois Niortais, a club he “didn’t know” before signing. The self-proclaimed “technical leader” of his team lives again in the prelude to the elite, perhaps waiting to finally see his career take off for good.

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