Samsung smartphone batteries accused of swelling by several Youtubers

Samsung smartphone batteries accused of swelling by several Youtubers

What if the Samsungs have a battery problem that swells, even rendering the affected devices unusable? This is the rock thrown into the pond by videographer Mrwhostheboss, supported in his approach by several big names in YouTube tech. We take stock.

Mrwhostheboss Samsung battery (2)
A Galaxy Z Fold 2 is among the victims. Surprising for such a recent phone. // Source: Mrwhosetheboss

It was nothing more than a bombshell that fell on Samsung’s head on Tuesday, September 27, 2022 with the latest video by youtuber Arun Maini, better known under the pseudonym Mrwhosetheboss. The videographer explains that he noticed that several of the phones he has in stock have seen his battery swell so much that the back cover pops off. And in all cases, it was a Samsung smartphone.

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If we could expect the problem to affect older smartphones, we were still surprised to discover that a Galaxy Z Fold 2, released two years ago, was among the victims. The same goes for the Galaxy S10 5G featured in the video, which is just over three years old. Much lower usage times than expected when buying a premium phone. Especially since most of the batteries of these smartphones indicate, through a logo “5”that batteries can theoretically run for at least five years before degrading.

a shared problem

Arun Maini, of course, contacted Suwon’s firm, which simply took the phones from him without providing further details for nearly two months. So the youtuber decided to do a little research on him and went to interview several colleagues, which clearly reinforced his initial observation.

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Source: Mrwhosetheboss

In his video, for example, we can see the very influential Marques Brownlee and Jerryrigetodo testifying, who claim to have only noticed swollen battery issues on Samsung phones. The interest in contacting other videographers specialized in smartphones lies precisely in the stock of smartphones that they still have at their disposal. Many of these youtubers have dozens of devices from many different brands. However, in any case, for all three videographers, only Samsung mobiles encountered this swollen battery issue.

A little later in the video, Mrwhosetheboss nuances his point a bit by explaining that around 40% of the videographers they contacted explaining that they had already had similar problems in other brands. But keep in mind though that in the comments on the video, multiple phone pick-ups seem to confirm that Samsung is the only brand they’ve noticed the phenomenon with.

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Source: Mrwhosetheboss

Of course, the issue is even more delicate since Samsung is the world’s largest phone seller. The videographer rightly recalls in his video that the Korean firm sold nearly 300 million phones last year, which could mean almost a billion users, at least, worldwide.

What to do in case of a swollen battery

Interestingly, this summer we were surprised to discover that a Galaxy S7 (still a Samsung, therefore) belonging to a member of our team had suffered this strange fate. We have also written a complete article reminding you of the precautions to take if the mishap happens to you.

🫣 @ArnaudGelineau had a little surprise when he found his old Galaxy S7

Reminder ⚠️: If this happens to you, do not try to remove the battery, use or charge the phone as it can be dangerous.

— Frandroid (@Frandroid) July 26, 2022

Let’s remember some basic principles here if you find yourself with a swollen battery:

  • As funny as it sounds, it is also very dangerous, the device can catch fire or even explode;
  • Do not charge the device;
  • Do not try to light it or manipulate it;
  • Even on a device that looks healthy from the outside, if the odorschemical products» warn you, this may be a sign of a swollen battery;
  • Do not keep the device at home and find a place to recycle it.

Needless to say, the case should be taken very seriously by the Korean firm, whose explosive Galaxy Note 7 episode is still on everyone’s mind. What really happens to Samsung batteries? We contacted the brand to try to find out more and they promised to answer us. We will update this article with their statements as soon as they reach us.

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