FIFA 23: our test of the new edition, with interesting news

FIFA 23: our test of the new edition, with interesting news

Equipped for the first time with cross-play, a technical feature that allows PS5 and Xbox Series users to compete online, the famous FIFA 23 video game comes with a strong argument. Perhaps the best for several years.

Last in the series before changing its name to EA Sports FC, FIFA 23 is perhaps the best in recent years. Available to everyone from September 30 on the main platforms, but playable in advance with the Ultimate premium version or the various EA Play and Xbox Game Pass subscriptions, the latest edition of the best-selling video game in France (1.59 million players). sales recorded for the 22nd in the calendar year 2021) offers without a doubt the most interesting football sensations since FIFA 19. Especially since the transformations in the gameplay are accompanied by very positive content additions, changes and technical innovations. Be warned, though: RMC Sport has taken over the game as part of its Early Access. It is very possible that future updates (on the official release date and after) will change some aspects of the game.

The best defense-attack balance in a long time

Don’t be afraid to get confused compared to FIFA 22. However, the difference is felt from the first minute, because the inertia has been modified even more. And more than usual. But it’s a clever combination that has been successful: players are heavier, but sudden changes of direction and sudden accelerations are still possible.

Defenders are now much better equipped against fast attackers. Arrows like those of Kylian Mbappé continue to do damage, of course, while dribbling and well-placed technical gestures continue to hit the target. But various tweaks have somewhat rebalanced these essentials for a football simulation: automatic placement of defenders and team blocking is more consistent; the duels are more physical and less rough, the interceptions are more numerous (perhaps a little too much); defenders can take advantage of the new impulses (explosive and long). On this last point: a powerful squad that takes a while to reach full speed can aim to catch up with a winger who will experience a drop in pace after the first few meters of their sprint. But you have to be smart about directing the defensive run.

To compensate, the attack benefits from a sometimes questionable level of goalkeeping and a marked improvement in header accuracy. Watch out for corners and crossroads. And then there are “Power Shots”, new overly powerful shots that zoom in on the camera (the visual option is off) while the strike is armed. The result can be as catastrophic as it is phenomenal and unrealistic.

Women’s clubs and the new “collective” of FUT, the other two big news

Beyond the future presence of the World Cup (men’s and women’s), FIFA 23 has two great novelties: the arrival of women’s clubs and the revision of the “collective” system in Ultimate Team. For women’s clubs, the French championship makes its appearance in particular. Therefore, it is no longer mandatory to take the French team to control Marie-Antoinette Katoto (Paris Saint-Germain) or Wendie Renard (Olympique Lyonnais), who are among the five highest rated players in the game.

As for the lucrative FUT mode (Electronic Arts revenue is estimated at €1.6bn in FY2021), the way teams are made up has changed. Exit the green links between the cards, which limit the options. Now we go to the stars, which give many more possibilities. Which ultimately forces you to rack your brain a bit more to get the right formula.

What you need to know about crossplay

Crossplay in FIFA 23
Crossplay in FIFA 23 © EA Sports

For the first time in FIFA history, online matches can take place between a PlayStation 5 user and an Xbox Series S|X or PC user. However, cross-play is not yet complete: an Xbox One player will be able to take on PS4 players, but not PS5. On the other hand, all Xbox and PlayStation users are grouped in the Ultimate Team transfer market.

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