Their Peugeot 208s fall one after another, the unemployed Pontoise driving school

Their Peugeot 208s fall one after another, the unemployed Pontoise driving school

Stéphane Dagnicourt, manager of James’s driving school, has just sent two cars to the garage after a broken engine. He finds himself with only one vehicle in operation, two monitors in technical unemployment and a delicate schedule to meet.

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Rue Francis-Demay in Aulnoye-Aymeries, Tuesday 4 October, 6:30 pm Tommy, one of James’s monitors, has finished his day and is going to bring the Peugeot 208 from the driving school. Before crossing the level crossings, his car stops in its tracks. ” Luckily I didn’t have a student.points out. I immediately understood that it was an engine failure when I had just done the service. I got out of the car and put it aside while I waited for the tow truck. It could have been more serious. Let’s imagine it happened in the middle of a level crossing… »

Power loss and metallic noise

A great scare therefore, which had a new echo a few days ago. On October 18, Tommy’s colleague Laurie is in the middle of a lesson. The student notices a loss of power. ” I gave it a push but it didn’t do anything. Then I heard a metallic noise. That of a chain. but it wasn’t right “Says the young woman who stopped the driving lesson. The two cars purchased by the Sambrian company are almost two years old. Alerted again, Stéphane Dagnicourt had to send his second vehicle to the nearest Peugeot workshop. An added annoyance for the manager who had to refuel in Belgium at the height of the fuel shortage.

The adventure doesn’t stop there. ” Arriving at the garage, I see that there are about ten cars of the same range with a diesel engine that have the same problem. The manufacturer pays for the repairs for me. They tell me that it may be a fault that appears between 80,000 km and 120,000 km. The problem is that I don’t have any more cars! “, specifies Stéphane Dagnicourt, who alerted the prefecture and had a driver’s license inspector notice the anomaly of the second vehicle.

Two employees on technical unemployment

Here is now the Sambria Driving School caught up in one big puzzle. You can’t benefit from courtesy cars because it requires a double order and you don’t have visibility into repair times. The pieces are still very rare due to the health crisis that started in 2020. Finally, other problems: How to give driving lessons with a single vehicle to a large portfolio of clients and manage the next driving license exam dates?That’s the whole problem. I had to put two employees on technical strike. I have changed the lessons thanks to the understanding of the clients. For the exams, I can still ensure short term, but it will get complicated later. I can’t afford to miss exam dates “, concludes Stéphane Dagnicourt.

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