New Specialized Diverge STR gravel, the Future Shock concept taken to the maximum

New Specialized Diverge STR gravel, the Future Shock concept taken to the maximum

Here is a novelty in the gravel range of the American brand Specialized, the Diverge STR, which complements the existing Diverge range and which I was able to test on the Spanish trails in early 2020.

A gravel that goes further in filtration and damping with an adjustable damping system of 20 mm at the front and 30 mm at the rear, with Future Shock technology. An almost philosophical question remains, with suspensions, are you still in the spirit of gravel?

The Diverge STR, by “Suspend The Rider” retains its massive clearance allowing it to be fitted with tires up to 47mm as well as the SWAT door for extra storage. A Diverge STR available in 3 trims, S-Works, Pro and Expert.

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Specialized has therefore taken its Future Shock concept even further by equipping the Diverge STR with its internal suspension at the front, as was already the case on the current Diverge, but also at the rear, with a totally innovative system. And Specialized, promises, this is done without overweight or loss of performance. The Fact 11R frame weighs just 1050 grams, not bad for a damped gravel frame.

To keep the Diverge efficient, the hydraulic rear suspension system has been placed on the seat post. Its hydraulic damping controls shift to eliminate “jump” when pedaling and ensure that big impacts don’t throw you out of the saddle, the
all without compromising your position or your pedaling efficiency.

It is fully adjustable on the fly for the rider’s weight, size and riding style. The rear triangle remains rigid for optimal power transfer. The Future Shock Rear is compatible with a dropper post.

The shock has a three-position adjustable lever to damp compression (when the seatpost moves back). In the open position, it will be the most active. In the closed position, backward movement will be slower.

Of course, the development of this concept went through many stages. Because reconciling amortization and profitability is not easy.

LUC CALLAHAN, head of road and gravel engineering:

After assembling the first prototypes, I immediately believed in this technology. We had to! It was truly an evolution of the Rider First concept, like never before. The scale of the project was huge: nine separate Frame posts… to be paired with six different frame sizes… the validation test matrix alone gave me a mini-stroke. It was blood, sweat and tears…literally.

Long days and long nights, that’s for sure, as well as the inevitable moments when you doubt if you’ll ever make it to the finish line. But with a team like ours, how can we do anything else? Also, we were too excited about the product not to adjust it properly.

The result is what you see today: the Diverge STR with Future Shock front and rear. As a system, the Future Shock Rear offers up to 30mm of travel with a perfect curve, fully adjustable for riders from 50 to 125kg. It has hydraulic damping to control travel and has three levels of adjustment as well as rebound adjustment.

To provide the right “spring” for each rider, each bike size comes with two different frame posts, and each frame post can be oriented in a more or less stiff orientation. While the vast majority of riders find the perfect setup with the frame posts that come with their bike, we offer nine different ones, each with a soft setup and a firm setup, so every rider can experience the best riding feel that comes with it. picture. Diverg STR.

The Diverge STR keeps its Future Shock 2.0 system up front, which is also found on the Roubaix. It’s an adjustable 20mm-travel front shock that allows you to maintain control and alignment while isolating your hands, arms and shoulders from rough terrain.

More capacity means more confidence, more confidence means more committed trips, more
more engagement means more fun, and it all starts with the ground contact patch. Nothing offers more versatility than good tire clearance, and on this point, Specialzed has stayed generous:

  • 47mm on a 700c wheel
  • 2.1” in 650B

The Diverge STR is the most versatile gravel bike the brand has ever made.
Internal SWAT compartment carries everything you need where you need it. Lighten your pockets.

The S-Works Diverge STR Fact 11r carbon frame is more comfortable but only adds 100 grams to the S-Works Diverge frame.

The Diverge STR features a 68mm BSA threaded bottom bracket and a 27.2mm seatpost. It has a 142×12 rear and 100×12 front spacing. Brake mounting follows the traditional Flatmount standard with the caliper mounts positioned for 180/160mm rotors instead of the more common 160/140mm standard.

The Diverge STR is compatible with a front rack and any type of luggage that attaches to the fork mounting bolts.
It also has on the fork, support for a full fender. However, there are no mounts on the frame for a bolt-on rack or rear fender.

Most frame and bike bags are compatible with the Diverge STR, with a few exceptions. Top tube or handlebar bags with straps that wrap around the Future Shock can damage the rubber boot and should not be used.
use. Also keep in mind that using a heavily loaded saddle bag can affect your choice of frame tube.

The range goes from €7,500 to €15,000:

An S-Works Diverge STR 56 weighs 8.5kg Tubeless out of the box. The Pro and Expert models weigh 8.9kg and 9.5kg respectively. All 3 frames are identical to Fact 11r fiber.

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