5 good ideas to buy something other than a Renault Clio

5 good ideas to buy something other than a Renault Clio

It is well known that we are not always rewarded at fair value. Even if it no longer manages to climb back to the top step of the new car sales podium in France, the Clio is still, in our opinion, the best city car of the moment. Comfortable, safe, equipped with sober and efficient engines -with a wide power range in diesel, gasoline, hybrid or LPG-, the latest generation of the Renault city car has taken a great leap, especially in terms of presentation and finishes. But these many qualities do not force you to choose her, and for other reasons you can even voluntarily sulk at her. Especially since there are alternatives to the Diamond for those looking for a small car. Here are 5, each with what it does better than the Clio.

1. The Toyota Yaris: fuel efficient

The Toyota Yaris Hybrid.
The Toyota Yaris Hybrid.©Toyota

This 4th generation of Toyota Yaris has progressed in terms of habitability and driving pleasure. However, it retains some flaws: its narrow rear seats, its fast-paced suspension, as well as its average soundproofing do not make it a good option for long trips. And then its CVT-effect transmission makes the engine roar during hard acceleration. But after all, it is mainly for the city that we chose this type of car. And, in the field, the Japanese stands out there. Small, lively, its 116 hp hybrid engine breaks fuel economy records, with only 3.6 l/100 km measured by us! It’s better than anything else. And then her face is still unmatched.

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2. The Citroën C3: more comfortable

The Citroen C3.
The Citroen C3.© Citroen

The Citroën C3 makes the choice of strong biases. The first is to offer a wide range of customizations, so as not to have Mr. Everyman’s car. The Citroën thus offers three roof colors, at least two types of wheels and, inside, several environments, just to brighten up the cabin. True to the spirit of the brand, the C3 is distinguished by the settings of its chassis, which have opted for smoothness. Like its seats, although it could use a little more support. In short, this nice chip is mainly dedicated to the city, where the lightness of its controls works wonders.. Finally, in the absence of offering hybrid and 100% electric variants, the Citroën C3 continues to offer a diesel offer. For the rest, the choice in gasoline is limited to the 1.2 PureTech 83 (from €16,240) and the 1.2 PureTech 110, charged €21,350 with a manual transmission and no less than €24,150 with the six-speed EAT6 automatic transmission.

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3. The Skoda Fabia: more livable

The Skoda Fabia.
The Skoda Fabia.©Skoda

Given that the Skoda Fabia benefits from the same platform as its Volkswagen Polo and Seat Ibiza cousins, it deserves some attention. First, because it offers, at 4.11 m, one of the most spacious cabins of its kind. : at the rear, compared to a Clio, we benefit from 4 cm more at the level of the legs and frankly 13 cm wider at the shoulders. Even its trunk (measured 280 dm3) is larger. Well presented, even if the plastics sometimes go unnoticed, the little Czech also offers the endless attention expected from a Skoda: sunshade in the door, reversible boot mat, horizontally folding passenger seat or even heated steering wheel, although not everything is standard. Easy to drive, balanced and comfortable with 16-inch wheels, the Fabia also offers several relevant petrol engines: 1.0 TSI 95/110, 1.5 TSI 150. Even its 80 hp 1.4 MPI cannot be avoided.

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4. The Volkswagen Polo: more polished

The Volkswagen Polo.
The Volkswagen Polo.©Volkswagen

Discreetly restyled a year ago, the VW Polo has just had its Golf-style headlamps tweaked, its electronic safety equipment upgraded, and a larger center screen given. Unfortunately, at the same time it has adopted touch-sensitive air conditioning controls that are far less practical than before. On the other hand, you now benefit from a good-quality foamed upper part of the dashboard from the first trim level. . No longer delivered: €22,600. On the engine side, you can choose the already efficient TSI 95, or opt for the more efficient 1.0 TSI 110, but which is only offered with a DSG 7 automatic gearbox. In any case, we will have a livable urban car, equipped with a very safe if not fun chassis and a well-cared comfort.despite concerns about minor roadway flaws.

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5. The Peugeot 208: more appealing

The Peugeot 208.
The Peugeot 208.©Peugeot

For years, the first rival that the Clio has found in its way has been the Peugeot 208. And the latest generation of little Leona does not skimp on attracting attention. Muscular at will, the Peugeot makes the show. Including the interior where the 208 touches, yet another variation of the Peugeot i-Cockpit, with beautiful materials on top, a small steering wheel, a 3D gauge-display and an elegant row of “piano” keys. On the other hand, you have to deal with an average habitability. But to drive, the Peugeot proves to be talented, with a reassuringly balanced chassis that suits the largest number, along with honorable suspension comfort.. Finally, in the absence of a hybrid variant like the Clio, the 208 has the advantage of offering a diesel variant and a 100% electric one for those who do not need to go far.

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