Dacia Jogger LPG: figures and reasons to trust him without hesitation

Dacia Jogger LPG: figures and reasons to trust him without hesitation

The Dacia Jogger is in fact the break variant of the Sandero, with a greatly extended wheelbase and SUV-worthy accessories, including fender flares. This mix of genres of 4.55 m long, that is, a size between the Peugeot 3008 and 5008, can thus attract families, even many, with a proposal for seven royal seats (+ €800 to €1,410 depending on finishes and engines). Something that draws more attention than the bland Dokker and Lodgy of yesterday. Especially since Dacia has also made efforts on board, with a driving position copied from the successful Sandero. We thus find ourselves with a universe of contemporary design and built in materials that are certainly hard but that suggest a good permanence over time.. In terms of equipment, it offers more than the minimum from the second level of Expression equipment, here on trial, with manual air conditioning, 8-inch multimedia touch screen (compatible with Android Auto and CarPlay) and rear radar. And, for those who want more, options, like front parking assist with the addition of the camera, show up in reasonable numbers. (package at €500).

It is in this version of the Dacia Jogger that it is more economical to drive on a daily basis.
It is in this version of the Dacia Jogger that it is more economical to drive on a daily basis.© Dacia

But the main expected quality, the Dacia Jogger offers as standard with space on board ‒and there is a lot in the wide and comfortable rear seat‒, as well as in the trunk, especially in the 5-seater version, like here. With 520 dm3 registered by us, that is to say 100 dm3 more than an already generous Peugeot 5008, the Dacia Jogger is strong. And it doesn’t stop there, since once the rear seat has been folded down (2/3-1/3), the capacity triples (1,740 dm3). And it is possible to put them on the roof, since the Dacia Jogger has, like the Sandero Stepway, integrated bars that can be transformed into luggage racks.. Intelligent!

A Dacia Jogger that convinces to drive

But if the Dacia Jogger has a sense of service, there’s nothing like a van behind the wheel. Like the Duster and Sandero, it offers a healthy and composed drive, monitored by discreetly working electronic aids, brakes like a sports car (63m to 130km/h), while offering good overall comfort. Yes, there is more movement than driving, because the machine, with a very generous wheelbase (2.90 m) does not shine for its agility. While its muffled, the sound of heavy percussion is not very welcoming. Finally, and this is its only real flaw, the Dacia Jogger supports airborne noise from 110 km/h, which will have to be covered with good music. But nothing unacceptable.

The Dacia Jogger does not only exist in LPG...
The Dacia Jogger does not only exist in LPG…© Dacia

Especially since, where the old Romanian top prize made up with asthmatic old petrol atmospheric blocks, the Dacia Jogger benefits from the entry level of a 1.0 called Eco-G. Running on both gasoline and LPG, this turbocharged three-cylinder with a nice sound is highly recommended. Aside from a slight sluggishness at takeoff, it’s voluntary thanks to torque delivered early, starting at 1,500 rpm.. And, as the well-guided but somewhat agile six-speed manual gearbox is deftly staged, and we measured this Jogger at 1290kg, performance is far from indecent. You simply shouldn’t ask for the moon on times in the last report, and obviously expect less power when loaded to the brim. Finally, as the accelerator “cheats” by giving all the torque –and sometimes jerks– in the first centimeters of travel, we recommend putting the ECO mode to soften all that.

Quite reasonable at the pump with 7.5 l/100 km of unleaded petrol on average according to our measurements, this Dacia Jogger of course consumes considerably more in LPG mode: 9.7 l/100 km. But, thanks to the price of more than half the price of this gas, the fuel budget is finally lower than that of a diesel, which Dacia now only offers in the Duster. Therefore, the case is still excellent.

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