Montpellier - OL LIVE: Lyon leads but MHSC puts pressure... Follow the match live

Montpellier – OL LIVE: Lyon leads but MHSC puts pressure… Follow the match live

65 : Reine-Adelaide his first touched ball is a small jumper. IT’S OKAY.

64 : Toko replaces Dembélé.

63rd: Aouar will go out after a last action where he will have been very close, due to lack of strength. He puts his hands on his knees, breathless. Reine-Adelaide replaces him.

61 : Aouar is burned, completely burned. Miss the easy things.

59 : Savanier’s corner… Goes back to Fayad… The ball goes into the sky of Montpellier. The local rugby team would not have said no to such a good fall.

56 : Montpellier’s highlights drop a bit.

53°: OH BUT LACAZETTE AND DEMBELE ARE MISSING IN A 2 VS 1! The pass of the first is bad, the blow of the second is crushed. Terrible for Lyonnais.

50: OHHH COZZA OIL! How does his header from two meters to the far post fail? In any case, the MHSC is pushing hard.

48 : Mendes takes a yellow for a very nice brush. Unfortunately we are not in an octagon here, so we deserved the yellow.

A feat that has nothing to do with football, but I managed to walk my dog ​​during the break and get into PILE in time for the start of the second half. (If my boss sees this he will kill me)

45th: It’s halftime! OL leads logically but Lyon’s DNA woke up at the end of the period, when Blanc’s men got scared. Montpellier returned to the game in the last 5 minutes. 1-0 at halftime.

Four. Five : Damn the images of Oblin’s ankle, it swelled, it looks like Mbappé’s melon.

45: Another hit, this time from Savanier. But Lopes is not scared, the ball is on him, he captures.

44: THE DOUBLE STOP OF TOTO LOPES! But there it is difficult for Lyon!

44 : The game resumes and OL is about to concede a Wahi goal although we haven’t seen MHSC in the first half. This is the magic of Lyon, being able to concede a goal at any time

42 : Oh, the ankle has been sprained. Therefore, Kamara replaces Oblin.

41 : Oblin was injured in the action where he lost the ball against Lacazette. That’s stupid.

39 : AOUAR THEN TASTE! Oblin goes out first, Gusto doesn’t fit in with his people. Montpellier takes the broth.

37 : Fiouuuuuuh Oblin freaks out losing the ball to Lacazette, fortunately Renaut Traffico makes a mistake and returns it to Lacaz, who was offside.

36 : The MHSC, what is your project apart from the individual exploit? It won’t happen given the level OL is playing there.


30 : Gusto is H24 only while sending 190 crosses per hour in the area, what exactly is the Montpellier project?

28 : That chauuuud Lacazette takes a superb pass to Tagliafico whose recovery is countered by… Lukeba!

25 : Free kick blocked to corner, which does not give anything. Many crashes on the surface in the stopped phases, let go of the slip a little, gentlemen.

22: : Magnificent collective movement of Lyon. Dembélé, Gusto and Tagliafico in the conclusion. The blow is powerful but countered. But it became clearer to OL, who calmly took a dangerous free kick.

20: MAOUASSA! From straight to medium distance. The frame of Lopes was rubbed, which continued to seem on the spot.

18 : Nothing at all. She resumes.

17: Corner for OL… OH LACAZETTE WHO HAS TWICE THROUGH THE DEFENSE OF THE MHSC! Wouldn’t there be a hand on the first try???

14 : I like Caqueret ooooh I thought he was there but Omlin takes him out. Ah, there were offsides, but the stop is worth it.

12 : Montpellier is quite low after the first five minutes of pressing.

9th: Lacaazeeeette! Resumption in first intention, well served by Dembélé. He is a bit crushed but framed. He will go no further.

7th : Yellow card for Aouar who commits a tactical foul. Mavididi had sucked out Boateng’s soul with a lightning double contact.

5th : The grass looks pretty good, I’m sure Lolo Blanc wants to play a good golf course there.

3rd : A lot of intensity from the kick-off, with a great battle in midfield as we say in the jargon.


16:55: The players are on the pitch at Mosson!

16:50 : What are we going to call the clashes between teams that have lately weighed down their coaches? The “limogical? »

16:45 : Tick, tock, tick, tock. More than a quarter of an hour before kick-off. I’m on my couch, ready to fight.

4:25 pm: And that from the locals, so no jealousy

16:20: I footix! Here are the compositions. We start with OL

8:30 a.m.: The Challenges

A win, quickly. Arriving at OL ten days ago to revive a team in crisis, Laurent Blanc knows that time is running out. Despite an encouraging performance on the pitch at Rennes last weekend, his men could only bow to the talent of the Martin Terrier. But this afternoon, against a team that is not doing much better (11th) and that has also just changed coach, no more excuses: to win or nothing. “Given our situation, some players have to take more responsibility. I met all my players individually and we need everyone”, warned the new boss.

>> See you around 4:45 p.m. to follow Lolo White’s second on the Lyon bench…

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