These 16 applications annihilate the autonomy of your smartphone, you must uninstall them!

How could you know the game store sometimes you may face apps that contain malware. Not so long ago Bitdefender had managed to discover more than 35 applications android. The latter, designed to flood users with ads in the shop. This time, the target doesn’t look the same anymore. In fact, in the code of 16 Android smartphone apps, McAfee researchers have managed to find malware. The latter aims drain smartphone battery life. We explain everything about these applications and the procedure to follow!

Malware of all kinds

As explained above, the different McAfee Computer Security Researchers He recently conducted a study on some Play Store apps. Then they discovered a new malware. This malware, discovered in 16 applicationsit then manages to bypass Google’s defenses to infect the victims’ smartphone.

Know, then, that this malware remains almost indistinguishable. Once on the victim’s smartphone, the virus will remotely install malware. And this, without the knowledge of the users. You should also know that this malware, called Clicker, it was made to simulate clicks on ads. As a result, it leads advertisers to believe that their ads generate thousands of clicks. These interactions actually come from this malware found in 16 Play Store apps.

These applications drain the autonomy of smartphones

It should be noted that this type of fraud aims to generatesignificant advertising revenue. And this, quickly using the applications of the Play Store. Therefore, fromIn this type of scam, criminals seek get a return on your investments as quickly as possible in advertisements. However, it is not uncommon for this type of malware to be quickly detected in these applications. And this, either Google or third-party researchers.

To prevent users from noticing what is happening in these applications, all clicks take place in the background. Furthermore, as explained McAfee researchers, Clicker, therefore, affects the autonomy of smartphones considerably. This activity primarily seeks to drain battery power from the terminals. As well as the envelope Mobile data the victims. The applications in question can then cause heavy network traffic and consume power without the user’s knowledge “.

A danger for your Android smartphones

The danger for victims comes from the fact that without the owner’s knowledge, the smartphone will visit a large number of websites. Therefore, the application simulates constant activity of android smartphone. This “constant use” then reduces strong resistance of the cell phone. Once the infected app is uninstalled from the smartphone, ” you can expect longer battery life and will notice a reduction in mobile data usage”. And this, as the report published by McAfee researchers points out.

The virus does not activate after installation. In fact, this would allow the victim to establish the link between the installation of the application and the loss of autonomy. In fact, hackers have planned a period of caution between installation and the first simulated clicks. “The malicious behavior will not start during the time the user is using the device”adds McAfee. This malware then works fine. Fortunately, McAfee managed to issue an alert about this phenomenon.

The apps in question to quickly uninstall

Clicker malware was discovered in the code of 16 applications on the android smartphone. In total, these applications managed to accumulate more than 20 million downloads in Play Store. Then it is worth noting the applications that you absolutely must uninstall. Then we find High-speed camera, Smart Task Manager, Flashlight+. But also 달력메모장, K-Dictionary, BusanBus, Flashlight+ or Quick Note. We also find Currency Converter, Joycode, EzDica, Instagram Profile Downloader. Finally, Ez Notes, 손전등, 계산기, and Flashlight+.

Google, after thealert made by McAfee, until now ban apps from your Play Store. In fact, it should be noted that it is not uncommon for adware to be detected on the Play Store. As previously reported, a few weeks ago Bitdefender had already discovered 35 android apps. And this one, designed to flood users with ads in the store So keep an eye out for these apps.

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