Why is it time to invest in SCPI?

Why is it time to invest in SCPI?

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Real estate investment companies (SCPI) are among the preferred investments of the French, very fond of real estate investment, with their very accessible entry and expert management that allows them to invest in real estate without having to manage either the property or the assets. tenants. In this particular period of high inflation, rising interest rates and recession threats, SCPIs could well hold their own and attract more people. It has to be said that this flagship stone paper investment has significant advantages that explain its success. Discover in this article 4 reasons to invest in SCPI today.

a safe haven

SCPIs make it possible to invest in the real estate market, a reassuring market because it is made up of tangible assets. SCPIs are also an accessible way to position yourself in this market, with a relatively low investment (of the order of a few hundred or thousands of euros), directly or from the unit-linked supports of a life insurance contract. Management is delegated, which can be a considerable advantage for those who do not have or do not want to spend time on their investments. The icing on the cake: the diversification that induces this type of real estate investment that allows pooling risks.

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Which helps fight against the effects of inflation.

The housing market is traditionally seen as a bulwark against inflation because house prices tend to appreciate along with inflation, as do rental amounts elsewhere. If the recession can still disrupt the housing market with, in the worst case, tenants unable to pay and a higher vacancy rate, the phenomenon must continue to be measured and above all temporary. SCPI could therefore continue to represent a profitable investment in the medium and long term.

With relatively high performance

In addition, at present, the SCPIs allow to preserve the purchasing power of the participants, which has been undermined for several months. The performance of these rock and paper stars continues to be much higher than that of investments with guaranteed capital. In fact, when investing in yield SCPI, you can expect an annual return of between 4.5% and 6% (returns recorded in recent years according to ASPIM), which is much higher than the return offered by those in the prospectus. euro life insurance fund, for example. So it’s time to think about taking a little more risk to increase the return on your investments. In fact, SCPIs expose you in exchange for a more attractive potential return to the risk of capital loss.

And themes in tune with the times

Finally, it is possible to invest in SCPI in promising themes, such as SCPI specialized in the health sector and with clinics, maternity wards or nursing homes such as Pierval Santé, for example. But there are other topics on the rise. We can, for example, think of the problem of the famous “last mile” that has become so important in the development of electronic commerce and home delivery in recent years, which has accelerated even more since the confinements. Some SCPIs have specialized in this niche by investing in warehouses and commercial premises located on the outskirts of major cities.

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