F1 budget exceeded: Red Bull 'depends on FIA and awaits feedback'

F1 budget exceeded: Red Bull ‘depends on FIA and awaits feedback’

F1 budget exceeded: Red Bull 'depends'

As we reported to you last night and tonight, Red Bull has canceled a team press conference that could have put to rest the ongoing uncertainty over the budget cap breach and, in particular, its position on the FIA’s conclusions.

Instead, team boss Christian Horner was seen in several meetings at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin with FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem and the new governing body’s general secretary, Shaila-Ann Rao.

Earlier, the FIA ​​said it had decided on penalties for an alleged violation of $1.8m in 2021 and was waiting for the team to approve them. If the sanction is rejected by Red Bull, a jury will be convened.

The sanction proposal finally known?

Rumors point toa fairly large fine (of an unknown amount) Y 25% reduction in aerodynamic development possible in 2023. There would be no point deduction for the 2021 season. But that is still too much according to Red Bull and to accept that would be to acknowledge that Red Bull cheated. Therefore, for the brand image, Christian Horner and Helmut Marko are in constant contact with the Red Bull headquarters in Austria and Dieter Mateschitz about how to move forward.

“There is no new statement”, says Dr. Helmut Marko, when asked about the canceled press conference.

“I can’t say anything about it. We depend on the FIA ​​and we are waiting for comments.”

When told that these delays are not good for Formula 1 and the image, the Austrian insists: “It’s been going on for a few weeks, so a few more hours won’t matter.”

Marko adds that the part “The nastiest thing about the entire saga was the totally unfounded rumors and the serious allegations of cheating.”

“But it doesn’t come from the FIA, it comes from the competitors. Winning doesn’t give you many friends and some think they get an advantage by doing it, but they don’t think outside the box.

Mercedes F1 stands firm

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff argues in Austin that in theory breaking the new financial rules should “cause the same as a technical and sporting infraction and potentially result in disqualification”.

But he admits that Max Verstappen’s title in 2021 was probably not in jeopardy.

“Non-compliance doesn’t allow the rules to do that, but it should make everything fairer and clearer for the future.”

This delay and the ongoing confusion make the over-the-budget penalty look more and more like a backroom bargain, as it all happens behind closed doors. It still seems so strange that the FIA ​​would try to make a penalty offer to a team rather than impose it and then possibly convene an appeal jury.

Unfortunately, the procedure is not understandable to fans. But with the little information we have, we can conclude that financial regulations still leave a lot of room for interpretation.

Some are already asking in the paddock that a sanction not be imposed and that it be recognized that the regulations left room for maneuver or gaps not yet covered. Especially if the areas in dispute are not related to performance in any way. And since that was not the intention, now we need to improve the rules.

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