“I give up my green efforts”: the price of the train skyrockets, they chose the plane

“I give up my green efforts”: the price of the train skyrockets, they chose the plane

The SNCF is finally putting its train tickets on sale for the Christmas period. Many Internet users were disappointed to see high prices as soon as sales opened. Some have decided to travel by plane instead of by train, despite their ecological convictions.

No wonder people take the plane instead of the train.. ” The publications There were many disappointments starting in the morning of October 5, 2022. Starting at 6am, SNCF Connect allowed to buy train tickets on its website and app, for the Christmas holiday period. Not without difficulty: SNCF Connect encountered errors, while train bookings for Christmas skyrocketed. The situation has probably benefited other applications, as effective as SNCF Connect for booking train tickets.

Normally, TVG INOUI and Intercités tickets go on sale 4 months before the departure of the trains on the SNCF website. An exception is made for the holiday season – a sale is planned on a fixed date. People who wanted to travel by train between December 11, 2022 and January 2, 2023 had to wait until October 5, at 6 am, to start their reservations.

Regulars know: it is strongly recommended to book your train tickets for the Christmas period as soon as possible, as prices can increase over time. Logically, the most attractive prices are offered at the opening of the sale, and the first people connected to the SNCF site can expect to take advantage of them. Contacted by Numerama, the SNCF Voyageur carrier, which determines ticket prices, assures that “ Yesterday 9 million tickets went on sale [mercredi 5 octobre] for the Christmas period and as many small prizes and convocation prizes were put up for sale as usual However, as of 6 a.m. on October 5, prices were already high, as the Numerama newsroom found out by logging into the app before dawn.

The prices of train travel at Christmas with the SNCF rise

For many Internet users, who have expressed their discontent online, these high prices shake even the most stubborn ecological convictions. It is enough to do some calculations to quickly realize that some train trips are not very profitable. This is the case of Clément, with whom we spoke. ” I would have liked to return to France for the Christmas holidays by train, then by TGV (Amsterdam/Toulouse), but the round trip at €400 is too expensive, compared to a round trip by plane at €130 € for 1h50 of travel, instead of 8h by train. »

The bill obviously goes up even more for groups of travellers. ” We decided to fly, because it costs €650 for the return ticket, €40 for parking and €20 for fuel/tolls for a total of around €700. The train ride costs €912 “Says another netizen, Samuel. He planned to travel from Belfort to Bordeaux, to attend the Ligue 2 match between Bordeaux and Sochaux on December 30.

“If the train is just a little more expensive, I take it”

However, travelers aren’t necessarily opposed to the idea of ​​spending more time on a train than on a plane, for the same destination. The plane here isn’t so much a comfort pick as a budget one. Sandra thus waited until October 5 to make her choice (on a route from the south of France, to the north). ” I looked at how much a return flight would cost me (around €150) and waited to try to get a good price on the train, even if it was longer. Well no, more than €300 to get home for 4 days. […] I travel a lot and this is the price I pay for a round trip from Paris to Montreal. »

Example of a search on the SNCF Connect app, October 5, 2022. // Source: iOS screenshot
Example of a search on the SNCF Connect app, October 5, 2022. // Source: Screenshot on iOS

I don’t mind spending more time in transit to reduce my emissions, but unfortunately price also comes into play Clement continues. He will continue to compare trains and planes for each of his trips. ” If the train is only slightly more expensive, I take it, but often the price difference is at least double.. “Same for Samuel:” Since the end of covid, I always check if there isn’t a train for the same route. […] I think I’ll keep checking, out of curiosity and conscience.. »

In addition to the economic argument, some train users walk away from it out of boredom, with the impression that their individual effort will have little weight compared to other decisions with more harmful consequences for the environment. ” I told myself that the train was better for the environment even if it was longeralso says Sandra. Then I saw the Winter Olympics being announced in Saudi Arabia, and there clearly, I let go of my little green efforts.. »

As a reminder, rail transport is considered the most environmentally friendly mode of transport (apart from walking and cycling), compared to traveling by plane or car. Emissions associated with aviation are about 45 times higher than those of the TGV. If you plan to travel soon and want to know more about the ecological impact of your trip, you can check it online with this simulator, which allows you to compare various means of transport. Fortunately, the train is still popular: on October 5, despite the bugs, the SNCF Connect application registered 100,000 connections per minute, from Internet users who wanted to prepare their trip for Christmas.

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