The trick to start the car when the battery is discharged: it will save you a lot of trouble

The trick to start the car when the battery is discharged: it will save you a lot of trouble

It is not uncommon to forget to turn off the low beams or even leave the radio on when leaving your vehicle. So you won’t be surprised if your battery is dead and your car refuses to start the next day. Fortunately, we are going to share with you a tip that will allow you to start your vehicle without any problem.

If your car battery is dead, know that there is always a solution to start it. Explanation.

battery light on

Battery light on. source: spm

If your car battery is dead and you don’t have alligator clips available, you can still use this trick to start your vehicle.a battery failure can it happens when you least expect it and it is from there that we panic. Here is the trick that will save you from experiencing this distressing situation, especially if you plan to go to your workplace urgently.

  • Restart your vehicle using the clutch


Depress the clutch. source: spm

If your battery fails and you don’t have alligator clips, there’s no need to panic or stress. first think about asking for help from friends, neighbors or passers-by because you will need arms to push your car. If the latter is parked on a slope, it will be much easier because you will be able to pick up speed more easily. To restart your car, you will have to press the clutch and keep the pedal pressed. Subsequently, pass the second and turn on the ignition of the car, but not the engine. So take off the parking brake and ask your friends to push the car so it picks up speed. As soon as your car has reached approximately 10 km/h, lift your foot slightly off the clutch pedal and the engine should restart automatically. If it doesn’t reset, try picking up speed by holding down the clutch pedal and slowly releasing it afterwards.

Some tips to avoid ending up with a discharged car battery

Even if there are solutions to restart your car in case of battery failure, you can anticipate this situation by adopting certain reflexes. Here’s how to preserve your battery and prevent it from draining at the slightest opportunity.

  • Turn off all electrical accessories in your car

When you get out of your vehicle, remember to turn off all electrical equipment to avoid discharging your battery. Also make sure you close the doors and trunk of your car properly.

  • Protect your car from extreme temperatures and rain

Your car doesn’t really like rain and sub-zero temperatures. To protect it, it is advisable to park your vehicle in a garage if possible, but alsocover the hood in winter to preserve and protect your battery from freezing.

  • Avoid short car trips

Starting the car consumes battery, so it is not recommended to take your vehicle if you plan to make trips that are too short. In addition, the battery must be used for about 25 km before the alternator fully recharges it.

Finally, in order not to find yourself in an unpleasant situation when you are in the car, remember to maintain it and check the condition of the battery regularly to avoid possible breakdowns.

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