Silent Hill 2: the American translator of the PlayStation 2 game awaits a gesture from Konami

Silent Hill 2: the American translator of the PlayStation 2 game awaits a gesture from Konami

game news Silent Hill 2: the American translator of the PlayStation 2 game awaits a gesture from Konami

Jeremy Blustein. This name probably means nothing to you, but it is at the origin of the English translations of great PlayStation classics like Metal Gear Solid or Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. He is also in the cast of Silent Hill 2 on PlayStation 2 and rightly claims that his work is not forgotten in the remake.

As the scandal around Bayonetta 3 continues to grow, we suspected that this case would be reflected in the profession and this is confirmed by the voice of Jeremy Blaustein. Translator and voice director of Silent Hill 2 on PlayStation 2, he believes that the appearance of his name in the credits of the remake would be the right thing to do. If he does not seek to obtain any financial compensation, the interested party demands fair recognition of his work. In a tweet posted in the wake of the Konami event (with the announcement of several games, including the Silent Hill 2 remake), the latter is ironic.

cool ! And once again, they’ll be using the Silent Hill 2 English script that I wrote/translated (oh, directed too) in its entirety, I won’t get any compensation for that, and there won’t be tens of thousands of people on Twitter who will be outraged at me. Name. Maybe I should make a video?

According to Eurogamer, this last sentence refers to a dispute that arose between Konami and the Silent Hill 2 voice actors around the time of the Silent Hill HD Collection’s release. In a statement to GamesRadarHe explained his feelings and gave indications about his work at that time.

I translated every word of the Silent Hill 2 game. There were no other translators. I directed the dubbing work. All that. I organized the auditions, I directed them and I was one of those four or five people who chose the actors. My opinion on these matters was generally accepted, as none of the Japanese staff were able to judge the actors due to their lack of knowledge of English. I directed the performance during the motion capture sessions. I collaborated with the Silent Hill team, and Hiroyuki Owaku in particular, every day during the translation. As you know, there is no Japanese VO because the game was primarily intended for a Western audience. This testifies to the importance of the script I wrote.

Silent Hill 2, Bayonetta 3, same fight!

Pending a possible Konami return, these comments echo the Bayonetta 3 affair that is shaking the industry. The actors of yesterday and today want recognition and the wave of remakes that has been going on for several years is likely to raise awareness of those who have made the success of video games work. As part of Bayonetta 3, it is a sequel stripped of its official voice actress, for a financial story (she would have only received $4,000 to work on this third game), but this shows that publishers will no longer be able to take these aspects. slightly.

We are not immune to new identical stories in the months and years to come…

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